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How Fast do Rabbits Breed?

How Fast do Rabbits Breed? Rabbits normally have a gestation priod of 28 to 31 days and in litter they can have 1 to 14 babies at a time. They can breed for 3 seasons a year. Most of the time the Doe gets impregnated right after the birth by the buck and gets pregnant. […]


What is a parrotlet?

What is a parrotlet? Parrotlets are the smallest species of parrots in the world. They have short tails and are kind of stocky. Parrotlets look a lot like Parakeets but they are smaller and they are less costly.  Their size is about 5 inches which is few inches less than parakeets. They are quite famous […]


Top 5 Reason why Keeping a Rabbit as Pet is Great

Top 5 Reason why Keeping a Rabbit as Pet is Great Keeping a Rabbit as a pet is quite interesting and fun because rabbits can be quite interesting but the best part is that they are not very demanding. If you don’t have any young children then rabbits can be perfect pets. People have been […]


Can Cats Get Cold?

Can Cats Get Cold? During the winter season cats can get cold. A cat sneezing can be related to several different things. She might have sucked dust from the litter tray or might have some kind of allergy. Most people thing that the human cold can be transferred to cats which is wrong. Cats cold […]


Do cats have periods?

Do cats have periods? Female cats which haven’t been spayed do have periods but not like humans. They’re lucky that they don’t bleed, instead they have heat cycles which are also called “Estrus”. Estrus or Heat Cycle start coming once the female cat is ready for reproducing. The maturity age for reproducing varies, some cats […]


How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat?

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat? Cat heat is also called “Estrus” and most of the time the cats heat cycle can be betweek 3 to 15 days. Female cats stay in heat during this period and its a good time that it should be crossed in the first 5 to 7 days […]


How Long Do Robo Hamsters Live?

How Long Do Robo Hamsters Live? Robo dwarf hamsters are one of the most famous breed. Their average lifespan is around 3 years but if we take good care of them, they can even live up to 4 years. Robo Hamsters are pretty fast, they are pretty small as compared to other hamsters. They can […]


Where do Hamsters Live?

Where do Hamsters Live? Hamsters are tiny furry creatures and have been used as domesticated pets since last few centuries. In the wild hamsters live in borrows and which they dig themselves. We should try to keep the cage similar to the borrow in which they live. The cage should be in a dark and […]


Why do Cats Bite?

Why do Cats Bite? We all have gone through such stage where we get bitten or scratched by our cat. We do love them a lot but sometimes while playing or while trying to control them, they bite or scratch on our hands. Most vets have been asked a lot about “why cat bites?” They […]


Why Cats Knead?

Why Cats Knead? When cats push their paws forward that is called kneading. Some cats even knead with their hind legs. But the question which always come to our mind is, “Why Cats Knead?” As soon as cats are born they start kneading. They have this habit since the time they are size of a […]

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