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Why Do Cats Hate Water?

(Last Updated On: 29/03/2017)

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

How to bathe a cat is necessary to understand because washing a cat or bathing a cat is a requirement for pet cats; even if these cats are indoor pets. People asking questions like “should I bathe my cat?”, “Is it cruel or wrong to bathe a cat?” or “Is cat bath risky for cats?” must know the answers to these questions. The brief answer to all these questions is that it is not cruel or unfair or wrong to wash or clean cat with water. One must know the technique and proper method of cat bath (kitten bath).

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The Biggest Question:

Why is it so hard to give bath to a cat? Why do cats hate water? Water is probably the only thing which freaks out each and every cat. Specially the cats with long hair consider bathing a far bigger problem because these cats need more time in order to dry up after getting soaked. Bathing a cat is a necessary because house cats could get really dirty and it is important to get rid of all the bacteria that is thickening over the cat’s body.

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Do all cats hate water?

Not really. There are many cats which actually enjoy the water. These cats include Turkish Van and Bengal Cat. The big cats do not mind having a water time because these cats sometimes have to break in to the water  to catch the prey and earn a meal. Cats with long coat hate water because it is hard to dry up afterwards. Long coated cats also belong to colder regions where the coat protects from the harsh winter. If the cat’s fur is soaked then cat would end up dying due to inability of staying warm.

Persian cats are also not fond of water due to their long hair but if these cats are given training from the very beginning to have regular baths then they might learn not to resist and make compromise with water. After all, cats love to stay clean and bathing a cat ensures cleanliness.

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Benefits of Regular Baths

Cats might not know that but there are so many benefits of bathing regularly. The biggest one is staying free from harmful bacteria growing over the cat’s body. Even cat’s saliva leaves so many bacteria on the body which could cause allergies to humans as well. Specially, if there are more than one cats living together, it is best to keep all of them clean. Bathing keeps the fur soft, smooth and also keeps from shedding. If cat develops any skin allergies etc then giving baths is advisable. In short, bathing only helps to keep the cat safe. It is in no way a cruel act if done properly. The cat’s owners should learn the right way to give bath to their cats. It is important to note that there are many cat shampoos and conditioners available these days. It is important that a good shampoo and conditioner is chosen for cat and it does not harm cat’s skin in any way.

Next time a cat makes excuse, just tell her these benefits of bathing.

Yet there are some mysterious reasons of “why do cats hate water”. We will keep on exploring and adding to this subject.

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Few Important Tips

Keep cat’s eyes and ears safe from shampoo and water getting inside them.

Use lukewarm water instead of hot or cold. In fact, never use cold water even in summers.

Do not use excessive shampoo which does not get properly rinsed afterwards.

After Bath, use towel dry technique instead of using electric blow dryer. Cat’s skin could get burned by excessive heat of blow dryer and human might not even be able to detect it.

Never scare, scold or force cat into anything. Let cat enjoy the bathing experience and do not let her scratch you. It is better to use gloves in order to protect hands.

Cat will always self groom herself a lot after a bath and it could cause a hairball. Use a wide teeth comb after bath to get rid of lose hair and save cat from excessive ingestion of hair.

How to bathe a cat that hates water? We would write a detailed post regarding this crucial issue for pet cat owners.



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