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Why do Cats Bite?

(Last Updated On: 05/05/2017)

Why do Cats Bite?

We all have gone through such stage where we get bitten or scratched by our cat. We do love them a lot but sometimes while playing or while trying to control them, they bite or scratch on our hands. Most vets have been asked a lot about “why cat bites?”

They can bite due to several reasons, like getting our attention, Love bites and sometimes they bite when they are afraid or angry.
Sometimes cats bite when they are in a bad mood. You can easily spot the bad attitude by looking at the tail movement. When they’re in a bad mood they will even hiss, spit and sometimes even growl. Most of the times they will get agitated if they see or smell the scent of another cat.
But if you have a cat whose under 12 months of age then its quite hard to check if the cat is in a happy mood or its showing aggression. You can even check whether the kitten is happy or angry by checking his body movements and their face. If the mouth has half open and their back is arched and the kitten is hopping around, that means that the kitten is playing and is in a happy mood.

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