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Why Cats Knead?

(Last Updated On: 05/05/2017)

Why Cats Knead?

When cats push their paws forward that is called kneading. Some cats even knead with their hind legs. But the question which always come to our mind is, “Why Cats Knead?”

As soon as cats are born they start kneading. They have this habit since the time they are size of a tiny kitten. When they place their paws around their mum’s nipples, they learn that milk comes out of the nipples when they push their paws forward. As tiny kittens they remember this and whenever mum cat is nursing them they repeat repeat this and get milk. When cats knead they also purr, this shows the love for their mother.

Cats have been kneading since centuries. Some people suggest that wild cats knead on the tall grass or leaves for softening them up and for even checking if the place is safe for sitting.
They can even knead in our lap while we are petting them. It might hurt because the claws which they take out while kneading might even hurt us but infact the cat is showing her love and is showing how much she’s comfortable.

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