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What Should I Feed My Dog

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

It is indeed a big question from owner’s side that what should I feed my dog?

The foremost things to learn about feeding Dogs is that they do not have grinding molars all their teeth are canines which are meant to rip up the flesh and not to grind the food so they cannot eat grains or seeds, as they lack the teeth to grind them up. Many dogs have skin problems and various health issues, including swelling, due to the grains that are being fed along their food. So when it comes to feeding dogs, then feeding them a better quality grain-free diet.

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Feeding Dogs with hands is fun; they would carefully grab their food from hand and make sure that their teeth are not touching the human hands. Many people are scared of feeding dogs with their bare hands because they fear that the dog will bite them, however that will never happen.

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The dog will use its teeth to grab the food only and you may only feel their lips touching your hands. If one is feeding dogs a dog food then they should buy the best commercial food available in the market.

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Food and Water Requirements

Some precautions that need to be taken are that the bowls the food and water are kept in should be clean. Water must be replaced with fresh water at least once a day and the food should have some variety.

While shifting the food special care is required i.e. mix the new food with three parts of the old food so that their digestive system gets used to it easily. Also it’s better to feed the dog at the same time daily that would keep them on a lavatory schedule. If the dog has loose motion problem them sweet potatoes are recommended as their medicine.

When starting to replace the food with canned food try to cut the dry food up to half the amount and replace the canned food with the same quantity that is being cut from the food, so the dog gets the same quantity of food, partially dry and partially wet. If the dog is being fed good quality dog food it will feed less and utilize more. Food that has a huge amount of fillers such as grain fillers may have to fed more in quantity so that the dog gets the proper portion of protein.

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Weaning Puppies to Solid Diet

Before weaning a puppy from its mother it should be feed 3-4 times a day with a mixture of solid food with mother replacement milk so that it can adapt easily to solid food after weaning and after eight weeks on wards feed the dog twice a day. Growing puppy has the same food as the adult dog food but the first ingredient that is meat specific in the food should not be a meat derivative.

Pregnant or Nursing Bitch

When pregnant the nutritional needs increase by four times than that of an adult dog and must contain minimum amount of 1,600 digestible calories for each pound of their meal mostly super-premium and canned dog foods actually meet these criteria. It is also necessary to add eggs, meat (with fat) or small amounts of super-premium canned dog foods to the regular diet. The bitch will be pleased about being fed quite a few small meals throughout the day rather than once or twice a day. Supplements should contain B vitamins, vitamin E and zinc.

Changing Food

Dog’s digestive system is sensitive and so six to seven days should be given to switch foods so that their system will adjust properly. Mix one-quarter of new food with the three-quarters of existing food, for the first two days.  After that mix half-and-half for two days, then move to three-quarters of the new food. At the end one-quarter of the old food for the final two or three days should be used.

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Foods to Avoid

So now that you have got the answer to question what should I feed my dog, you must also know what is not to fed to dogs. Dogs like bones that too raw, never give them cooked bones, but too many bones may lead to constipation so they should be fed two to three bones in a week or so. They can be given cooked vegetables and meet but be careful that it does not contain any onions/ onion sauce or any other poisonous item in it such as mushroom, garlic, caffeine products, avocado, bread dough, raisins, sultanas, currants, nuts together with macadamia nuts, fruit seeds of any kind, green unripe tomatoes, chocolate and grapes or any fruit that has seeds in it.


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