What kind of dog do i have?

What kind of dog do i have?

For any dog owner, this is probably the question that bugs them the most: What kind of dog do i have? What is the breed? Is it pure? It is not as complicated to find an answer to these questions, as it may seem at first.

What kind of dog do i have?

What kind of dog do i have and how to check the different types of dogs

For those who have reliable sources from where they get their dog or puppy, it is not a problem at all. But for people who adopt them from shelters or get it as a gift, or get it from some other source, this can be tricky. Even though, a dog owner’s love for his dog is irrespective of the breed, it can be very helpful to know which dog one owns. It can help give your dog a better lifestyle and is often useful for medical purposes.

The first thing that anyone’s common sense would tell them to do is to compare pictures, just get a good quality picture of your dog and upload it in google images search. It may not give the most accurate answer but at least you will end up with a list of the closest breeds. The other thing that can be very helpful is to simply ask your vet, because they know better how to assess a dog’s breed.

If you are still not sure or satisfied with the your vet’s (or Google’s) answer, you can tap at science’s door and submit a DNA sample. Any good veterinary laboratory will have the facility for DNA testing and the it the most accurate way to determine what type of dog do you have.

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