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Everything You Need to Know About Weimaraner Dog Breed

(Last Updated On: 26/04/2017)

Weimaraner Dog Breed

Weimaraner Dog Breed is an all rounder dog with endless list of activities and so much fun to do. They are true companions and they never leave the master alone during any activity.

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These average size dogs are very smart looking and have an athletic body. Whole body is very well proportioned and looks appealing. Tail docking is very common for pet or show participation, although it is not advised.

The average weight of a male is around 35 KGs and females are around 30 KGs. Average height is 25-27 inches whereas females are few inches smaller.


They are found in all shades of gray, from charcoal to silver gray. It is very rare that they contain some brown or black patches over the chest area. White marking are also seen but are not considered favorable for a typical dog of this breed.


This dog has short single coat which is thick but soft. A special type of this dog comes with long coat that carries some special genes from the parents, but it is very rare.


Another rare feature of this breed is their beautiful eyes. The eye color could be blue, amber or any shade of gray. The eyes are round and they are reflective.


The ears are long and floppy with the edges being slightly triangular yet curved.

Temperament of Weimaraner Dog Breed

Weimaraner are not just dogs, they are partners. It expects a lot from the owners and it is owner’s responsibility to provide them with a suitable environment.

The most important thing is that how to keep this excessively energetic and immensely attached dog happy. Owners are required to take them along for different activities. They should never be left alone at home for long periods of time or else they will keep on barking and make neighbors around really upset. Even lonely ones could turn into psychological problems like depression and anxiety.

This dog loves to communicate so they bark and express. It needs a constant sense of attachment with the owner and they will never leave the owner’s side, no matters what happens.

All the behavioral problems adopted by this dog is result of poor treatment and lack of attachment with these dogs that come with high level of expectations.

They are born hunters. They will hunt down anything rather everything they target as their prey. They can be trained easily because they listen and cooperate with the owners who treat them with love and care.

This dog should be kept as only pet; they cannot go along other small animals. They could do destructive actions in order to seek owners love and attention which should be addressed seriously otherwise it can become very frustrating.


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