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Walking Your Dogs – Tips About How to do it rite and Why its Important

(Last Updated On: 23/04/2017)

Walking Dogs – Tips About How to do it rite and Why its Important

Walking dogs is not only a necessity but a fun-filled activity along with being a great form of exercise. Few walks result in more barking and lack of attention will cause a dog to whine. The best location to walk a dog is a park or the beach. Dogs are one of those animals which require a fairly good amount of exercise on a regular basis and so are high maintenance pets. Walking them can be an excellent activity, nothing is better than daily exercise with your best friend.

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Importance of Walking Dogs

Most dog breeds need to be walked diligently that will keep them engaged for natural physical needs of strong dogs such as working dogs. By and large, owners walk their dogs for reasons such as elimination, mental stimulation, exercise and training. Walks are a good source of early socialization between the owner and the dog.

  • Before the Walk

Once satisfactorily protection via vaccination of pups is insured, one can start to take the pups into open-air and other places markets, parks and puppy classes. Make sure that the puppy is micro chipped, it is wearing an identification collar and the owner or the handler is using appropriate control device a head bridle, a no-pull yoke, or a simple flat collar and leash. Take care to avoid pinch collars, choke collars and extendible leashes.

  • How often

Dogs need to be walked every day, the house serves as a loftier kennel for the dogs and just tossing a ball in the rear yard is not sufficient activity. No workout can be better than an upright walk in order to provide necessary workout and mental spur for the pet. The need to exercise varies from dog to dog and even from breed to breed. A bigger dog might enjoy running whereas smaller dogs may even be gratified with little, slower walks, it is crucial that the walks are personalized to individual dog needs. The objective of a walk must not essentially be to create an athlete, but to provide the dog with sufficient time for sniffing and exercise. When an owner goes for planning walk routines, adjustments are required according to the age, carnal ability, and the breed of dog.

  • Timing for Walk

Preliminary walks should be short in order to keep the owner as well as the puppy from exhausting. The time can vary from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the breed.

Other Important Tips



While walking, the owner should be ahead of dog and not vice versa.


The owner should walk a confident and smooth walk and the dog will follow the suit.

Walking In a Pack

Walking dogs in a pack is a good way of allowing dogs to get to know each other.

Distance of the Lead

Use a short lead in order to have better control, use of an illusion collar will be a great idea.

Time and Reinforcement

Denote enough time to the walks and do not forget to reward the dog with food and water etc. after the walking dogs.


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