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Hungarian Dog Breed Vizsla Information and Lifespan

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Vizsla Hungarian Pointer Dog Breed

Vizsla is not just any dog, but a life-long partner who expects a lot and could be with owners anywhere, anytime.

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Life span of Vizsla

Life span is around 10 years on average.

Body size

They are medium side dogs with a muscular, athletic body. Body is shaped proportionally and looks very attractive.

They are very close to Weinmaraner, Coonhounds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks in their general appearance and all of these breeds are often confused with each other. Although it is smaller in size than other two breeds and also have different color.

The average height of males is around 25 inches while females are an inch shorter.

Average weight is around 25-30 KGs for males and less than 25 Kgs for females.


This breed is found in all diluted shades of red. Different versions of rust color could be copper, golden brown or sand brown. The nose and nails should also be same as of the body. Different patches could also appear on the body e.g. chest, neck or saddle.


It has very short yet dense coat. That doesn’t need grooming by owners. This breed with bit longer hair is not considered pure.


It has similar eyes as of Weinmaraner. Eyes color could be blue, green or gray. Eyes are round and shining.


It has long ears that hang over the sides of cheeks till the neck area. Ears are rounded from the edges.


This dog has long tail that they love to wag. Tail docking is very common as they are considered working dogs but it is highly discouraged to go for tail docking.

Temperament of Vizsla

Vizsla is a dog that is totally in love with owner. They have enormous energy and it should be consumed daily by getting involved in several activities. Running, swmming and other sports keep them very happy.

They are best hunters and they are always ready for a hunting day ahead. They are also good watch dogs because they bark if the strangers appear. But good thing about them is that they take few minutes to become friends with those who are friends of their owners.

This dog has also a big list of bad habits, and on top of that list is love for eating almost everything. They can chew and swallow any small objects around them. They should be trained well so that it stays away from home stuff.

Training them could be a problem because their mind is always stuck in some activity, so owners or trainers have to make extra effort to keep the dog interested in training.

They should not be kept with small pets and kids around them. They are excessively playful and this could lead to some dangers. Although it is very caring and sensitive dog but their love for play is far more than anything.

This dog is mischievous and they tend to keep on acting like puppy even when they are grown up. They would love, hug, kiss and cuddle the owners all the time. They love to touch and be touched. This all could be frustrating if owners are not ready to accept a companion not merely just a dog.

This dog, who is neglected and stay lonely for long time every day, develops bad habits and behavioral problems. Never go for this dog breed if you are not sporty, outgoing and active owner.

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