Vegetables which can be fed to Grey Parrots

Vegetables which can be fed to Grey Parrots

Parrots also enjoy eating vegetables. There can be many Vegetables which can be fed to Grey Parrots and one can do experiments because there aren’t any hard and fast rules.

They enjoy eating sweet potatoes, celery, collard greens, broccoli, zucchini, leaf lettuce, yellow and butternut squashes, carrots, peppers and peas.

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One can give these raw vegetables to their parrots or even boiled, however one should make sure that there is no spice added to them. Always feed vegetables which are fresh rather than those which are preserved and frozen. Fresh vegetables have all the nutrients present in them essential for a parrot’s growth. Vegetables which can be fed to Grey Parrots are a great source of vitamins, mineral, iron, potassium, calcium and other different nutrients.

Along with vegetables, cooked chicken, salmon or other cooked fresh cold water fish meat can also be fed to the parrots but only on occasional basis. When it comes to grains, cooked rice, barley and oats can also be given. Cooked beans, French fries, low fat cheese and cooked eggs can also be given as a treat at times.

Chilies don’t include in the vegetables which can be fed to Grey Parrots

A lot of people have a mindset that if we feed the parrot with chilies, like those which are red and green they will start talking quickly. Basically that is animal cruelty. Indeed the parrots will eat them with fondness, however when they start eating it, they have a spicy tingling on their tongue which makes them talk. In Vegetables which can be fed to Grey Parrots try avoiding feeding chilies, you can use different audios in front of the parrots or just talk to it so that it can repeat.


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