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The Adorable Utonagan Dog Breed

(Last Updated On: 26/04/2017)

The Adorable Utonagan Dog Breed

Utonagan is a unique dog because it is a cross breed created with the help of three very strong and intelligent breeds: German shepherd, Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky. All three of these breeds are famous due to their amazing abilities. These dogs are famous for work or jobs i.e. sledding, herding and several other field works. The high level intelligence makes the training process of these dogs easier. Utonagan, being their progeny, is extremely wonderful.

Another name for this dog breed is Northern Inuit. Northern Inuit is not exactly Utonagan breed but these both breeds are pretty close to each other and could hardly differentiated. Although, nowadays both these breeds have different standards and are not said to be same due to careful breeding.

Utonagan is jumping 400x400 - The Adorable Utonagan Dog Breed

The Physical Attributes

Utonagan is a wolf-like dog in appearance. This dog has thick double coat which helps to work and survive in extreme temperatures. High temperatures are not good for these dogs as it could lead to over-heating but this dog still manages to survive. The colors in which Utonagan is found includes a beautiful mixture of white, black, gray and fawn. The face is masked with the hair of these colors and lower jaw and neck area up to frontal legs is completely white. The body, tail and hind legs have the mixed colored coat. These colors become light in summers.

alaskn - The Adorable Utonagan Dog Breed


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Behavioral Attributes

Utonagan is a friendly and social dog. This dog wants companionship, love and activities to display the best behavior. This dog might not live happily in small and enclosed places like apartments etc. The basic need of this dog is a place where some work could be done. For example, sledding and herding are best for this dog.

A drawback of this dog is that she is extremely lovely and friendly. This behavior is not ideal for keeping her as a guard dog. These dogs do not bark on strangers and do not engage into unnecessary fights.



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