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Different Types of Toys for Indoor Cats

(Last Updated On: 03/04/2017)

Different Types of Toys for Indoor Cats

There are several ways to satisfy the playing needs of cats. Homemade cat toys ideas , DIY cat toys, pet stores and variety of online cat toys are extremely helpful to keep the cats happy and playful.

Cat toys are answer to constant inquisition and playfulness that give cats a restless streak. The famous cat and mouse chase does not only represent predatory behavior in cats but also their quest for adventure and challenge. Lack of such exercise, like in case of indoor cats, can lead to stress and feeling of loneliness, which can further lead to lethargy and high susceptibility to illness among these cats. Thus it is vital for cat owners to provide their pets with different mind stimulation activities and one such way is provision of toys for cats.

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Types of Toys

There are four types of toys which are used for cats:

Active Toys

These include toys like stuffed mice, fuzzy balls, plastic bags, balls with bells inside. Such toys, through their strange movements or sounds, invoke cats to chase and pounce on them.

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Comfort Toys

Some cats seek comfort in toys; they drag around and cuddle with these toys. Examples include stuffed animals, warm water bottles, alarm clocks wrapped in blankets. These toys help in taking away the feeling of loneliness amongst cats.

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Interactive Toys

These toys require the owner to also engage in the play. Wands with strings attached, throwing objects around, laser pointers are just a few of such toys. Such toys provide a chance for the owner and the pet to bond together.

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Catnip Toys

Catnip is a perennial herb of mint family and sniffing it make cats hyper and readily play with toys. Toys filled with catnip are easily available in the market, or crushed and dry Catnip can be sprinkled on plastic bags or scratching posts so as to stimulate cats. However, it should be kept in mind that when sniffed catnip makes cats hyper but if eaten it makes them go to sleep. But even if eaten, it is not harmful to cats.

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Adding Interest to Toys

  • Cats like to catch their prey, thus toys that mimic fearful or escaping behavior keep cats more interested- for example motorized toys.


  • Cats lose interest in toys if they are kept at the same place and are available at all times. Novelty and variety makes toys interesting for cats. Cat toys, hidden strategically and given at irregular intervals keep cats highly entertained; it keeps the surprise element alive- and thus keeps cats indulged in the hunt as well as the toy. A few of these toys should be hidden while the cat is watching so that it knows that the hunt has begun.


  • It should be kept in mind that cats might not find all toys to be interesting. The owner should observe the general pattern of their cat and then buy toys accordingly. Toys can also be made from household items and not especially bought- plastic bags without handles, ping pong balls, plastic straws are example of few of such items.


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