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Usage of Dog Harness and Collar

(Last Updated On: 07/02/2017)

The Importance and Usage of Dog Harness and Collar

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Dog owners are still confused about the usage of dog harness and collar. There is a huge debate going on over dog care websites if it is okay to use harnesses and collars. There is no big philosophical or scientific point of view behind using harness or collar. The usage of both of these items is a necessity but not an obligation. Here we are going to discuss scenarios in which harnesses and collars are used.

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Dog Collars

Dog collars are usually made of leather, pure or synthetic. These collars are usually flat and tied with a strap or buckle around dog’s neck. Some people also use chained collars, which are not very safe to use except for training purposes. There are also collars used for training or correction purposes which prick or pinch dog when pulled. All these collars are used only under careful supervision otherwise dog could be injured.

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The small dogs or dogs with short noses should not be tied collar because of their sensitivity of breathing.

Some collars come with special features which are extremely important for dog care. These features include:

  • Identification tag
  • Name tag
  • Vaccination proof
  • Owner’s Name and Address in case dog is lost
  • GPS tracking chip
  • Flea and tick control

In markets, several types of dog collars are available. Some collars are also custom made with dog’s name written on it. All these collars are suitable for extended wear but it depends if the collar needs to be on all the time.

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  • Dog has developed some skin allergy around neck area
  • Dog has ticks and fleas (only use ticks and flea collar in this case)
  • Dog stay indoors
  • Dog is not comfortable in collar during his sleep/rest hours
  • Dog is not under-training
  • Dog is not working

Collar should be made of good stuff. The cheap collars would become host for dirt and bacteria and hence cause infections later. The collars which have metal used in them should be carefully chosen after checking that the dog’s neck is not going to hurt.

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The importance of collars is that there is a leash attached to them most of times. This leash is used to tie the dog to some post or to hold dog during walks. Dogs which are big and heavy are sometimes hard to control during walks. They pull their humans, run after some object, chase some other animal or car and above all they want to run free. In such cases, use of collar becomes bit difficult. Much force is used by the dog’s owner to control dog. Even small dogs are hard to handle sometimes. This is where harness comes handy.

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Dog Harness

Dog harness and collar is ultimate solution to control dogs during walk, training, work or other relevant activities. Some dogs need harness to support their bodies, e.g. old or injured dogs. Harnesses also come in a huge variety. The harness is better than collar because there is less strain over dog’s neck area. During walks, the dog and human could have more sync and there is less resistance from dog’s side as well when going in different directions. The dogs walk more easily under harness control.

Harness should be chosen carefully as well. The straps of harness should be comfortable and tied or buckled carefully. The harness provides more safety for smaller dogs with sensitive bodies.

Dogs should not be wearing harnesses full time. It is not advised to keep dog tied until it is necessary. The harness is used during trainings, walks, activities etc. Sometimes harnesses are used for health factors. In all cases, harness is considered extremely suitable for all types of dogs.


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