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Uromastyx – Mali Uromastyx and Housing

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Mali Uromastyx and Housing

The Mali Uromastyx are one of those species which can easily adopt to the captivity conditions, can breed and live well in them being completely healthy and happy. Like others, they are beautiful, may have black and yellow coloring and strong bulgy body.

Uromastyx requires a complete environment which includes heating and lighting, housing, water and furnishing. For heating and lighting UVB lighting is needed in the housing which should be placed at a distance of 18 to 20 inches away from these lizards. It could be bought from any pet stores or through online stores too which deals in housing. It is important so that they can absorb heat and light efficiently while basking.

For heating the housing, a heat element can consist of a light bulb of 100 to 150 watts in an aluminum lamp. But the lizard should not contact the bulb lights as it can result in severe burns.

Breeders also use black light placed in the enclosures with other lights but is only implemented for about 2 months at the start of spring.  Also, good digital thermometers are to be placed to conclude the temperature of the housing. Adult Uromastyx can bask with temperature as high as 30 degrees but baby Uromastyx need lower basking temperature due to the smaller mass of their body.

Daylight is also important for them and they need less daylight in winter and longer in summer. During the summer months 14 hours of heat are enough for them. In the winter months they usually eat less and are not active due to changes in the environment. At this period 8 hours heat and light is enough.

Moreover, its caging is also important as its grazing and digging lifestyle needs it. Some keepers build their own housing cages from wood or other materials or even purchase plastic cages. For babies and young lizards plain paper cage could also be used in the first year which needs to be changed every week. Reptile carpets could also be used that are easily available in any pet store.

However, those types of cages should not be used as they can cause harm or death to these reptiles; they include walnut shells, cat litter, wood chips, and silica sand, colored pebbles or aquarium sand.
Cage furnishing should be scattered and a rock cave should be available for the lizard. Uromastyx needs area to play and hide themselves from which large bark logs could be used for climbing and hiding. A different type of artificial trees could also be planted that could be useful for these lizards to climb. The Mali Uromastyx and other species can be excellent household reptile pets.


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