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Uromastyx – Introduction

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Uromastyx Introduction

Uromastyx is a category which is included in lizards that are also known as Spiny-tailed lizards or mastigures. There are 19 known species of this lizard. They have a tendency to survive themselves in a hill or a flinty area where they have favorable shelter and attainable vegetation. They are native to North Africa, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan and some parts of India too. These lizards are speedy and love the heat that thrives in a hot, anhydrous environment like a desert. They are herbivorous but sometimes eat insects when they are young.

As pets

These lizards can be excellent household pets. If a person doesn’t have any experience with keeping pets at home, especially reptiles then these lizards can be excellent to begin with. These lizards are calm by nature and get well along with humans. They won’t show much of the aggression and are easy to be handled by adults and children. They may get well along with other breeds of lizards as well such as bearded Dragon. 

Physical description

They have sizes that range from 25 cm to 91 cm or even more than that. They change their colors according to the temperature of the environment just like other reptiles do, according to the physical description. During chilly weather they are exposed into dull and dark colors. On the other hand, their color gets lighter in warm weather. However, the darker shade allows their skin to absorb more sunlight and keep themselves warm. Another amazing part of physical description is that they have a needle-shaped tail which is very bulky and are accompanied by buzzing sound with an open mouth with small teeth. These lizards commonly sleep in their tunnel with their tails closet to the opening. The color range of Uromastyx is green, brown, orange, mustard and yellow with different patterns on their bodies.

The beauty of their physical description

According to the physical description they are beautiful creatures which can make excellent pets. Their physical feature, length and colors makes them highly recommended to have as a pet reptile and of course the thorny and fat tail which is an exception of Uromastyx from all the other lizards.

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