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Uromastyx for sale and Breeding

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Uromastyx for Sale and Breeding

One can find many Uromastyx for sale in their local area. In case one couldn’t find them then they can always contact the local breeder present in their country. These lizards now have a very high demand in different countries, especially among those people who love keeping reptiles and have a passion for them. These lizards are known for their bulky bodies and they fat tail with spikes on them which can even puff up during different situations.

For breeding, in case of breeding females are more aggressive. The male lizard will move around on the females back and then will climb on its back by holding her neck and will start mating by biting a fold of her skin. He will wiggle his tail by the side of the female's tail until she gives in and raises her tail. He will position his vent over hers and will mate her for almost 10 minutes. If the breeding is successful then the female lays her eggs in 4 to 6 weeks.

Once she is gravid, she should be given a separate and private place to lay her eggs, this is important for breeding. When she has laid her eggs they look like deflated footballs and are dehydrated so they should be provided water immediately. The babies will hatch in almost 80 days with a temperature between 88 and 90 degrees. For them newspapers or any paper towel could be used only. Also, it is permitted to touch them until they are 2 months old. The owner is allowed to feed these babies 3 times in a day. 

For successful breeding, it is essential for the owner to provide the perfect breeding enviroment, a good diet and temperature to the mating pair, eggs and the babies. For those who are looking for Uromastyx for sale can search them on the internet through different search engines and also type the local area name so that search results can come according to the area.


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