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Uromastyx Feeding

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

uromastyx feeding - Uromastyx Feeding

Uromastyx Feeding

It is very important to know about Uromastyx feeding and their needs. To help them survive and grow healthy they require a balanced diet. Uromastyx are basically herbivorous and can eat insects sometimes but if they are overfed with insects it can cause health problems for them for example kidney failure. However, young uromastyx should never be fed super worms because they are very hard to adjust so they need a vegetarian diet to survive themselves.

They need good diet which includes romaine, red clover, mustard greens, frisee and turnip greens. Cabbages or members of the cabbage families like broccoli should be avoided as they are high in oxalates.

Frozen or melted mixed vegetables like carrots, green beans, peas or other vegetables could be used. While feeding baby lizards these vegetables should be cut into small pieces. Chopped apples or blueberries could also be an occasional treat for everyone. Other fruits like bananas, melons, mangoes, pears, figs or sweet potatoes could also be fed.

Calcium supplementation can also be given during gestation or if the reptile is weak it can also be provided with extra nutrients or a high quality vitamin supplement, and is important for Uromastyx feeding. It can be sprinkled very lightly on the foods.

They love to eat seeds too.

Water is needed by them in case they are newly imported or are dehydrated or a female who has just laid eggs. Most Uromastyx do not drink water from a water dish they can be given water either by soaking the lizard into warm water for 10 minutes a day.

Another way is by droplets of water given by eye dropper or any small syringe. If an Uromastyx is healthy it will get all the water they need from their diet. Uromastyx feeding is very important and proper care must be taken.


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