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Uromastyx Behavior

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

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Uromastyx Behavior

Uromastyx behavior can be social in nature. They can be attention seeking and very curious. These reptiles can be brought up in houses with children as they are very friendly and can be easily controlled by someone who is inexperienced or do not have any idea about it.

They are easy to take care of and can easily get along with other species such as the Bearded Dragons. They are perfect to keep for those people who love to keep reptiles in their homes and these lizards also enjoy their company; the overall behavior is very calm.

Most lizards are territorial and sometimes two male lizards will also fight openly. This is not only natural in their behavior but it is natural in almost all male animals present in the world. They may fight due to terrirotial issues and because of other reasons, especially during the breeding season and a female is ready to mate. 

Role of Environment in Uromastyx Behavior

For Uromastyx behavior, the environment plays a very important role. if they are given the proper enclosure, ample of space, proper temperature with all the necessary equipments, the Uromastyx will remain calm and happy. If the owner is providing them with proper diet along with complete supplements then the behavior will be calm, they wont be tired and wont show aggression either. Uromastyx behavior is very loving and they are friendly around human too, making them a recommended reptile pet.

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