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Parrots – The Training of the Parrot Bird

parrot trick 300x300 - Parrots - The Training of the Parrot Bird

Litter training In order to train the parrot bird it is important to cooperate with the bird and make sure close attention is paid to any indication, which would tell the owner that the bird wants to relieve itself. When a bird is getting ready to relieve itself they usually …

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Parrot Feeding

parrots and hand2 - Parrot Feeding

Feeding Parrot are no different from other animals for them is also compulsory to eat and fulfill their nutritional needs in order to thrive. They eat a variety of food which is not only good but also healthy. Different people have different opinions on what parrots should eat and what …

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Parrots – Captivity and Parrots for Sale

parrots captivity 279x300 - Parrots - Captivity and Parrots for Sale

Natural Habitat There are many parrots for sale in the market. Parrots are dispersed worldwide. As mentioned earlier, parrots are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions in Africa, Australia, South America, India, Indonesia and many islands. But the rarest of all parrots have limited distribution and are limited to …

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Parrots – Breeding and Baby Parrot

babby parrots - Parrots - Breeding and Baby Parrot

  Breeding Parrots usually breed in spring time and their behavior can either be affectionate or aggressive or both, even with the baby parrot. The intensity of behaviour or the behaviour itself differs in both male and female, which can be managed with proper technique if a parrot was living …

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