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Shingle Back Breeding – (Tiliqua Rugosa)

shingle breeding - Shingle Back Breeding - (Tiliqua Rugosa)

Shingle Back Breeding: For Shingle Back breeding the owner must  proper enclosure and diet. With this measure being taken an owner can have a successful Shingle measure in the captivity. Shingle Backs are one of those lizards in which there is only one pair, the male will mate with one female …

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Shingle Back Feeding – (Tiliqua Rugosa)

shingle feeding - Shingle Back Feeding - (Tiliqua Rugosa)

Shingle Back Feeding The important part about Shingle Back feeding is that they are omnivore, that is they can eat insects, fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. At times it has been reported that different breeders and pet owners have fed these lizards with boiled eggs, chicken, cat food and dog food. This …

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Shingle Back Housing – (Tiliqua Rugosa)

shingle housing - Shingle Back Housing - (Tiliqua Rugosa)

  Shingle Back Housing For keeping Shingle Back housing in captivity, an owner might need fish tanks or aquarium made from glass or plastic. These aquariums or tanks are easily available at different pet stores or they can be made on custom orders too, there are few dealers’ dealings in these …

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Behavior of Shingleback Lizard and Important Notes – (Tiliqua Rugosa)

shingle behavior - Behavior of Shingleback Lizard and Important Notes - (Tiliqua Rugosa)

Behavior of Shingleback Lizard The behavior of Shingleback lizard is that they are very docile, lazy and calm, and so they can be excellent pets to keep in captivity. Shingle Back are usually slow moving lizards but once it is under attack or aggression it can move really fast and with a …

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Shingle Back (Tiliqua Rugosa) – Introduction

shingle intro - Shingle Back (Tiliqua Rugosa) - Introduction

Introduction Shingle Back are also known as Tiliqua Rugosa or bobtail, these gorgeous lizards are known for their short tails. This specie is mostly found in Eastern Australia and comes in various colors and patterns. They are natively from Australia however they are being exported all over the world where they …

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Bearded Dragon Care and Breeding – (Pogona)

pogona breeding - Bearded Dragon Care and Breeding - (Pogona)

Bearded Dragon care and Breeding When it comes to Bearded Dragon care and breeding, these lizards can breed very well in captivity without any complications, but the bet is that you have to provide it with proper enclosure and diet. Bearded Dragons are lizards from Australia, from Australia they are exported …

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Bearded Dragon Diet and Feeding – (Pogona)

pogona feeding - Bearded Dragon Diet and Feeding - (Pogona)

Bearded Dragon Diet and Feeding Once you have decided to keep a Bearded Dragon and you have also selected the enclosure, the next important step is to know what to feed which is essential for Bearded Dragon diet, what not to and what are their nutritional needs. In order to allow them …

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Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium – (Pogona)

pogona housing - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)

Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium Once you have decided on getting a Bearded Dragon or its pair, the first thing to do is to get a tank or aquarium along with other accessories for the Bearded Dragon Housing and vivarium which is required to provide dragons a perfect enclosure and habitat so that …

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Accessories for Bearded Dragon Lizard Housing

21d4d77a8f41cfeb81c1f2c0661c4693 - Accessories for Bearded Dragon Lizard Housing

Accessories for Bearded Dragon Lizard Housing To provide your Bearded Dragon a proper habitat in captivity, certain accessories for Bearded Dragon lizard housing which are needed to maintain its body temperature and temperature around the enclosure and many other things. Lighting: Bearded Dragon likes having bright light; in the wild you may notice …

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Bearded Dragon Behavior – (Pogona)

pogona intro1 176x300 - Bearded Dragon Behavior - (Pogona)

Bearded Dragon or Pogona Behavior When it comes to Bearded Dragon or Pogona behavior, they are known for their calm nature and so they make excellent household pets, they can be brought up well in those houses which have little children around. Because of their behavior are easy to keep as pets and is …

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