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Uromastyx for sale and Breeding

uromastyx breeding 300x222 - Uromastyx for sale and Breeding

Uromastyx for Sale and Breeding One can find many Uromastyx for sale in their local area. In case one couldn’t find them then they can always contact the local breeder present in their country. These lizards now have a very high demand in different countries, especially among those people who …

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Uromastyx Feeding

uromastyx feeding - Uromastyx Feeding

Uromastyx Feeding It is very important to know about Uromastyx feeding and their needs. To help them survive and grow healthy they require a balanced diet. Uromastyx are basically herbivorous and can eat insects sometimes but if they are overfed with insects it can cause health problems for them for example …

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Uromastyx – Mali Uromastyx and Housing

uromastyx housing 300x272 - Uromastyx - Mali Uromastyx and Housing

Mali Uromastyx and Housing The Mali Uromastyx are one of those species which can easily adopt to the captivity conditions, can breed and live well in them being completely healthy and happy. Like others, they are beautiful, may have black and yellow coloring and strong bulgy body. Uromastyx requires a complete environment …

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Uromastyx Behavior

uromastyx behavior 300x225 - Uromastyx Behavior

Uromastyx Behavior Uromastyx behavior can be social in nature. They can be attention seeking and very curious. These reptiles can be brought up in houses with children as they are very friendly and can be easily controlled by someone who is inexperienced or do not have any idea about it.

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Uromastyx – Introduction

uromastyx intro 300x202 - Uromastyx - Introduction

Uromastyx Introduction Uromastyx is a category which is included in lizards that are also known as Spiny-tailed lizards or mastigures. There are 19 known species of this lizard. They have a tendency to survive themselves in a hill or a flinty area where they have favorable shelter and attainable vegetation. They are native …

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Chinese Water Dragon Breeding

Chinese Water Dragon Breeding Chinese Water Dragon breeding is done successfully in captivity but certain measures have to be taken for successful and natural breeding. Owners usually think that when the time comes the male will mate female and the then the female will lay eggs, however the story is different …

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Chinese Water Dragon Care and Feeding

chinese feeding 300x168 - Chinese Water Dragon Care and Feeding

Chinese Water Dragon Care and Feeding Chinese Water dragon care is very important and feeding is an important part. Feeding can be done with insects, fruits, plants, flowers and vegetables. These lizards are not moody eaters, because of their energetic nature; they eat more than other captive lizards. Apart from this, the …

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Chinese Water Dragon Housing

chinese housing 300x225 - Chinese Water Dragon Housing

Chinese Water Dragons Housing Chinese Water Dragon housing needs a large area for enclosure which can accommodate plants on which it can climb and a deep water carrier where it can swim freely. For one adult dragon, the enclosure should be 5 to 6 feet tall, 2 to 3 feet deep …

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Chinese Water Dragon Behavior

Chinese Water Dragon Behavior Chinese Water Dragon behavior is known for their calm temperament. These lizards can be excellent household pets and they are not aggressive towards humans at all if brought up in captivity and bred well, this is the best part about Chinese Water Dragon behavior. However they might show …

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Chinese Water Dragon

chinese intro 300x293 - Chinese Water Dragon

Chinese Water Dragon Chinese Water Dragon is found in abundance in the areas of China, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Indonesia and other Asian countries. These lizards are also known as Asian Water Dragon, Green Water Dragon or Thai Water Dragon. These lizards like to swim in water and are mostly found near …

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