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Chameleon Breeding

chameleon breeding - Chameleon Breeding

Chameleon Breeding There are several things to know about Chameleon breeding. Because of their different species and range in size, Chameleons have different quantities of laying clutches. The smallest will lay 2 to 4 eggs while the largest will lay 80 to 100 eggs and they all have a long …

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Chameleons Feeding

chameleon feeding - Chameleons Feeding

Chameleon Feeding Generally, when it comes to chameleons feeding, these lizards are insectivorous, they eat only insects but because of their wide species variation, chameleon feeding habit differs from their specie to specie. Some chameleon might eat plants, fruits, vegetables (the small and medium size ones); however the large sized …

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Chameleon Housing

chameleon housing - Chameleon Housing

Chameleon Housing Chameleons are found living in the grasslands, rain forests, rocks, coastal areas, trees and bushes, and desserts but they are mostly found in trees. A person keeping chameleon as a pet must keep in mind about providing them with a large enclosure and plenty of accessories or small …

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Chameleon Species

chameleon species - Chameleon Species

Chameleon Species There are about more than 60 Chameleon species, however here we are only going to cover a few species which are commonly kept as pets and are being bred and exported all over the world. There are some countries that have banned the export of some species because they are …

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Adult and Baby Chameleons Behavior

chamelion behavior - Adult and Baby Chameleons Behavior

Behavior Naturally, both the adult and the baby chameleons have a calm nature which makes them an excellent household pet and save to be handled by humans and children. There is not even a single report of a chameleon biting or attacking humans.

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Chameleons – Introduction

chamelion intro - Chameleons - Introduction

Introduction Chameleons are probably one of the most beautiful lizards with over 60 types of different species and in a range of beautiful bright colors. You may find colors like green, brown, yellow, red, blue, purple, orange and various others. Chameleon have the tendency of changing their color according to their …

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Blue Tongue Skink Breeding

blue tongue breeding 300x200 - Blue Tongue Skink Breeding

Blue Tongued Skink for sale and Breeding When we talk about Blue Tongue Skink for sale and breeding, then they can breed well but for that they need good enclosure and diet. For the Blue Tongued Skink breeding, an owner should select a healthy breeding pair for these Skinks. If the owner has a female Skink and just bought a male,

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Blue Tongue Skink Care and Feeding

blue tongue feeding 300x210 - Blue Tongue Skink Care and Feeding

Blue Tongued Skink care and Feeding After all these selections the next important step is the Blue Tongue Skink care and to know what to feed them and how can we provide them with a balanced diet that will help them to keep healthier and happier in the Blue Tongued Skink …

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Blue Tongued Skink as Pet lizards and their Housing

blue tongued housing 300x225 - Blue Tongued Skink as Pet lizards and their Housing

Blue Tongued Skink as Pet Lizards and their Housing The Blue Tongue Skink are very famous as pet lizards and their housing can be a simple yet challeneging task.If you have decided to keep blue tongue skinks as your pet then the first thing you should do is to bring a cage …

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Blue Tongued Skink – Introduction

blue tongue intro 300x225 - Blue Tongued Skink - Introduction

Introduction of Blue Tongued Skink Blue tongued Skink are also known as blue tongue lizards that belong to the category of lizards. Blue tongued skinks are basically known for their kind nature, charming body and obviously their blue tongues which helps them to be an excellent house pet and for those people who …

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