Introduction of Polychrotidae (Anoles)


Introduction of Polychrotidae (Anoles) Polychrotidae are lizards which are also known as American Chameleons because of their unique ability to change color according to the surrounding helping it to camouflage. Polychrotidae are Anoles which is a part of the lizard family, many people confuse them being part of Geckos though they are very closely related to […]

Leopard Geckos

leopard geckos

Introduction to Leopard Geckos Leopard Geckos are beautiful lizards in yellow color with black spots, it’s because of their color and spot they got their name and that is why their sale is so high. These lizards are found in deserts in Southern Asia and are in abundant numbers throughout Pakistan and some parts of […]

Blue Tongued Skink Behavior

Blue Tongued Skink Behavior The Blue Tongued Skink behavior is known for gentle nature which is a positive point which leads towards keeping these lizards as pets. They can fit well in those houses which have little children around. These reptiles are best for those people who love to keep pets. According to this Skink behavior,

Breeding Macaws

Macaws Breeding     Macaws are very special and expensive birds and breeding Macaws is a delight; their chicks are exquisite and charming. For the process to occur properly and safely owners need to be able to determine the sex of their birds, know if the pair is right for each other and provide everything […]

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