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Top 5 Reason why Keeping a Rabbit as Pet is Great

(Last Updated On: 05/05/2017)

Top 5 Reason why Keeping a Rabbit as Pet is Great

Keeping a Rabbit as a pet is quite interesting and fun because rabbits can be quite interesting but the best part is that they are not very demanding. If you don’t have any young children then rabbits can be perfect pets.
People have been keeping rabbits as pets since the 18th century. They are quite intelligent, Rabbits can be loyal like dogs and can be fun to watch and be playful like cats are. William Cowper who is a British poet kept rabbit as a pet to help with combating his severe depression.

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Dwarf Rabbits as Pets

Here are the following 10 reasons why you should have a rabbit as a pet.
1. Training a rabbit is quite easy and they can easily trained to use litter box, Rabbits can even be trained for several other tricks like jumping through obstacles, playing fetch and also going through mazes. Training them is quite similar to training other animals. You should have kibble with you and give them some kibble whenever they complete a certain task. This way they will learn the trick and will repeat it whenever they’re asked.
2. If you live in an apartment complex or if you want a pet which stays quiet then rabbits are the best pets for you. They don’t make noise and are pretty quiet, infact you wont even wake up from the noise rabbits make.
3. Rabbits can be loyal like dogs and can play like cats so keeping rabbits as pets can be quite fun. Rabbits can even get a long with other indoor pets. They can be as loyal as other pets and like dogs, they will even follow their owner.
4. Rabbits have almost 50 different breeds so you can always select the breed you want. Some rabbit breeds are quite small in size. Each breed of rabbit has its own temperament so you should always check the breed details before getting them as pets.
5. Rabbits can live for up to 8 to 12 years. If they are taken care off and are kept inside, they can easily make it into double digits. As we mentioned before that each breed of rabbit is different so some breeds of rabbits can live up to to the age of 12 and sometimes live even more. Unlike other small animals like Hamsters, rats, guinea pigs who don’t live for long.

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