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Easy Methods of Removing Tear Stains from Persian Cats

(Last Updated On: 11/03/2017)

How to Clean Tear Stains on Persian Cats

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How to Clean Tear Stains on Persian Cats

Lot’s of Persian Cats fans post almost everyday that How to Clean Tear Stains on Persian Cats? The cat owners are always worried because the dark crusts of dried “rheum“, “gound” look awful on the beautiful faces of Persian cats. Cat tear stains are disliked by everyone and these stains tell that pet cat is not being properly cared for. This problem is witnessed by all Persian cats with a flat face. The doll face cats usually do not form any deep tear stains along their nasal area. 

Specially, the Persian cats in lighter shades look permanently sick even when they are perfectly healthy (if their is no eye infection causing excessive tearing). Solution to this huge problem is to clean the cat’s eyes and the area where rheum flows. If that area is not clean and dry then stains would start becoming permanent and there would be no chance of wiping these away. 

There are several videos telling cat owners about cat’s eye cleaning process but on the personal level, I found this video best. 

In the video, the use of powder in order to control the tear staining is showed. The dry area would help to control the tearing and the black crusts of dried tears later on.

It should be noted that cleansing cat’s eye is extremely sensitive task. One should not hold any sharp object in hands. The nails of the person who cleanses eyes should be trimmed and filed too. The cat’s eyes should be rinsed first by using damp cotton pad and then pat dry with a tissue before applying powder. If you feel that your cat gets scared during eye cleaning process then first calm her down. Do not force your cat or hold her against her will. The cat would become averse to eye cleaning process if she feels threatened by it. Another important thing is to stay gentle during whole process. Do not apply pressure over eyes. 

While applying powder, press it against the tear ducts around nose only. Do not let powder go into cat’s eyes and nostrils by applying it loosely. We hope that all these tricks help you in order to control the cat tear strains. But the biggest thing is to repeat this eye cleaning process “every single day” or just regularly.

Hopefully these videos will help people who want to know the cleaning solution of cat tear stains because it is a very sensitive matter and it is something that could ruin the complete beauty of your cat. 

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