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Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium – (Pogona)

pogona housing - Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium - (Pogona)

Bearded Dragon Housing and Vivarium Once you have decided on getting a Bearded Dragon or its pair, the first thing to do is to get a tank or aquarium along with other accessories for the Bearded Dragon Housing and vivarium which is required to provide dragons a perfect enclosure and habitat so that …

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Iguana - Iguanas

Source Introduction Iguanas are herbivorous lizards belonging to Reptile class. These beautiful lizards are available in different colors and size and two most famous species of Iguanas are Green Iguanas and Lesser Antillean Iguana. The Green Iguanas is kept as a pet widely among reptile lovers, however Lesser Antillean Iguana is …

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