Canine viral diseases

Canine Parvovirus Treatment (CPV) in Dogs

canine parvovirus treatment

Canine Parvovirus Treatment (CPV) Canine Parvovirus is the biggest puppy killing disease all over the world so it is important to talk about canine parvovirus treatment. This disease is viral and highly contagious among many other canine viral diseases. There are two types of parvovirus: Intestinal and cardiac. Intestinal affects the whole digestive system whereas […]

Canine Viral Diseases – Distemper Virus

Canine Distemper Virus One of the biggest canine viral diseases is “Distemper”. Distemper does not act on all dogs with same intensity. Dogs with high immunity could fight with distemper virus but those dogs that are weak and cannot bear the intensity of distemper might die. Dogs in their childhood are vaccinated against viral diseases […]

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