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Breeding Dogs – Spaying and Neutering a Dog

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Spaying and Neutering a Dog

Neutering, is a Latin word that means of neither sex and refers to the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ. This process is often used for the male dogs whereas for the females, the word spaying is used. Spaying and neutering a dog are essential for those dog owners who do not wish to breed their dogs and want to keep them healthy for a longer time.

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Reasons for Neutering and Spaying

The reasons for altering the dogs can be


The best reason that can be presented for spaying of females and neutering of males is the overpopulation that results after the breeding occurs and the later practice of killing dogs to control their population.

Besides, another reason can be the better health and prevention from diseases as the neutered dog has got zero chances of evolving uterine or testicular cancer. Also, in bitches, the risk of breast cancer as well as urinary infections is radically abridged. It should be kept in mind that reproductive cancers are common among older dogs, so it is good for keeping those away from breeding.

Tranquil Care

The un-spayed female will have a discharge twice a year thus dirtying the owner’s carpet, furniture, outside lawn as well as a car’s interior. Also, the discharge marks left will attract the male dogs that will stroll in the owner’s land, howl, bark and even dig their way in.

Better Behavior

Male dogs, if neutered when young will be less likely to roam and mark their territory with their urine and will not show aggression towards other male dogs. Also, the hassle that is caused when an unneutered dog smells a nearby female in heat such as digging lawns, breaking fences as well as crossing heavily trafficked streets, can be avoided.

Avoidance of Accidental Pregnancies

Another important benefit is that one can keep away from the problem of unwanted pregnancies if they have a bitch as well as the responsibility of finding better homes for the unwanted pups.

Cost Savings in Long Run

Although the altering causes money, yet one should look at the fact that the amount of costs that will be saved that one has to bear otherwise either in form of genital and reproductive diseases or unwanted pregnancies.

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Avoidance of Myths

The owner should be mindful of the myths out there that might prevent the owners from spaying and neutering a dog. These myths can be that altering makes the dog fat which is not the case; there is no effect on dog’s health if altering is done at young age and if done at adulthood, although appetite might increase, but this is not the cause of fat altogether. Another myth that needs to be denied is that neutered dogs become lazy; no changes in the dog’s personality occur.

At the end, it is essential that the care is taken at each step of breeding, starting from the planning till the end in order to get healthy puppies having desired traits and prevention of any complications.

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