Snakes And Their Characteristics

Are Snakes Dangerous? If I generally go around taking a poll, majority of the people, in fact 99% would say yes, snakes are definitely dangerous! Are they actually dangerous or this is just a stereotype that society has formed around them? This article is aimed to provide you with modern information about snake and banish […]

Breeding King Snakes and Caring for Them

King snakes breeding For King snakes breeding, like other snakes, Kingsnakes must be introduced to Brumation. For two months the enclosure’s temperature must be dropped so that the snake must go under hibernation. Preferred season for King snakes breeding is winters. After two months the enclosure’s temperature should be brought to normal, and during the spring […]

Kingsnakes Housing Terrariums

Kingsnakes housing Terrariums Kingsnakes are comparatively small and don’t require a large enclosure, so Kingsnakes housing is easy. An adult Kingsnake can easily live in a 40 gallon glass tank terrariums. It is recommended that one purchase a King snakes housing tank with secured lid on the top, these snakes are excellent in escaping their enclosure and […]

Corn Snakes Breeding and Feeding

Corn Snakes Breeding Corn snakes breeding is very easy. Before breeding, snakes must go under the process called brumation. In brumation, the enclosure’s temperature is lowered for 60 to 90 days; this is like creating a winter environment in the enclosure. During this breeding period, the snake remains dull, or it either hibernates and eats […]

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