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Snakes And Their Characteristics

(Last Updated On: 06/04/2017)

Are Snakes Dangerous?

If I generally go around taking a poll, majority of the people, in fact 99% would say yes, snakes are definitely dangerous! Are they actually dangerous or this is just a stereotype that society has formed around them? This article is aimed to provide you with modern information about snake and banish the traditional beliefs!

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Why Snake Attacks?

To understand the danger of snake we need to be aware of the fact that when they attack they do it only for a reason. Humans do not fall in their primary food chain and thus they are certainly not a threat to us.

They only attack humans when they feel threatened and are in danger, which is what every other creature would do.

Identifying If a Snake Is Poisonous

One important reasons for which snake is classified as dangerous is because of the venom which can be harmful enough to kill a human being. Two things are of significance here: snake have poison to catch their prey and to protect themselves when in danger and not all of them are poisonous.

There are a few characteristics which can identify a poisonous snake but they are not true in the case of all breeds. Some poisonous snakes have slit eyes, some have a triangular shaped head while some have a slump between the eyes and the nose. If such a snake is encountered you must take care to not make it feel threatened.

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Can Snake Make A Friendly Pet?

Believe it or not but snakes make great pets and some are very docile. Like most species, they need excellent handling, good care and love to transform them into friendly, exotic pets. Before purchasing a snake thorough research needs to be conducted and until you are well experienced friendly and good tempered breeds should be preferred.

How healthy a snake can be, their temperament, cost, feeding issues such as what they eat and how often, size, colour, reproduction are some important aspects that need to be looked into before purchasing a snake pet.

If interested in a snake pet consider the following species: Corn snake, Ball Python, Common King Snake, Hognose Snake, Milk Snake, Garter Snake, Boa Constrictor, Mountain King and Bull Snake.

Some Common Poisonous Snake

Even though these snake contain venom and the ability to kill numerous people with only a fraction of their venom I wouldn’t say they are the most ‘dangerous’ ones simply because they won’t bite until and unless they believe that you may harm them.

The belcher sea snake has stripes and their venom is strong enough to easily kill an army making them the most venomous snake on the planet.

The rattlesnake is very common and its venom can cause organ damage and even paralysis if left untreated, thankfully many antidotes are available.

Death Adder’s bite can also cause paralysis and death in under six hours of a bite. They are mostly found in Australia and New Guinea.

Philippine Cobra has the ability to spit the venom up till 3 meters afar to attach its prey. Its venom is so strong that is can kill a human within half an hour only after causing paralysis.

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