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Signs of Illness in Pets

(Last Updated On: 07/02/2017)

Signs of Illness in Pets

Pets are part of family for every human who raise them like their own kids. Cats, birds, fish or dogs are not some objects to add to the luxury of someone’s lifestyle neither they should be treated as if they have no expectations of love and affection from their owners. All animals demand love, care and warmth like humans. People are often unable to create a bond with their animal which is really sad because either animal is being ignored or is not happy in the current surroundings. Creating a bond with pet is important because this will make the life of pet-keepers exciting and fun.

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The thing we are discussing in this article will help those who cannot easily understand the signs of illness in pets.

Laziness or Lethargy

Normally, animals are actively performing their routine activities. They stay active, look around, explore, play, eat, chase other animals, stay besides owners and sleep on their routine timings. But when there is any illness in pets, the animal would distance itself from everything and try to sit in some corner. Animals usually stop communicating (except they cry sometimes when in pain) and their overall appearance show that they are weak and lazy. Animals would stop playing and running. They would not want to go outdoor or sometimes don’t want to come indoor.

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Loss of Appetite

The animals would stop eating. They would feel hungry but they will be repulsed after sight of food. Leaving food untouched in their bowls shows that there is something very wrong.

Change in Defecation or Urination

The sudden stomach sicknesses, loose stools, blood in stools, less urination or excessive urination are all bad signs.  Problems could occur due to stone in kidney. The pets try to urinate but there is some blockage. The strain on bladder and urge to urinate keeps the animal upset. Cats often sit in their litter boxes for long times and the owners wonder what the reason is. Similarly, excessive urination could occur where animal has no control over it and it is unable to make it to the litter box. Later on the owners are angry that animal is making a mess and they might scold them for no reason.

Unstable Walk or Curve in Legs

It happens a lot that the animal walks with difficulty. The legs often are not able to stretch fully and animal could not walk properly. Hip dysplasia or arthritis could be the reason of such signs. It could happen to old animals a lot. So pay attention to the movement of animals as well.

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Difficulty in Breathing

The animal finds it hard to breathe easily and a lot of effort is made to breathe. Lungs related diseases, heartworms or cardiac diseases could be the reason of unstable and difficult breathing. The animal would resist walking or running because he would be out of breath in no time. Respiratory infections or cough and cold could also be the reason. Pneumonia is a huge disease that kills dogs during winters.

Head Pressing Against Some Object

This is a sign which is seldom interpreted as a cute action. But in reality, head pressing means that animal is in real pain. The diseases are sometimes hidden and no obvious physical signs are present which show the presence of disease. There are many stories where pet owners started witness this sign and were anxious. The vets were apparently satisfied with the pet’s health but during next few days, the pet either dies or fall terribly sick.

Scratching or Itching

The animal itching or scratching excessively shows that there is something extremely wrong with the animal’s body. The itching is directly related to some skin problems, infections, parasites, injury etc.

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Excessive or No Grooming

Cats usually excessive groom themselves when they are highly depressed, anxious, stressed or afraid. Similarly, there is no grooming when cats are sick with fever or any other disease. Regular grooming shows that cat is okay but if grooming becomes excessive or gone all of a sudden then it’s a bad sign.

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Excessive Vocalization

Whenever there is excessive barking, meowing, crying and shrieking, it shows that there is something very wrong with the pet. Normally, cats or dogs are trying to communicate when they need attention or food. But there are times when the voice of animal is changed. There is element of pain in voice. Such signs should never be ignored because animal might be trying to communicate something really serious.

Lack of Sleep

If they are restless that is a sign of illness in pets. They would keep on moaning and would never be able to sit in a proper position. The sleeping location also changes. Sick animals usually try to stay in some corner, away from other animals. The animal would not sleep and its eyes would start showing third eyelid which is big sign of illness.

All these signs are very obvious but still there are people who are unable to observe the routine actions of their pets due to their busy schedule or other responsibilities. The pet should be carefully observed because when animals get sick, there condition could worsen very quickly and they could only communicate their pain by these sings.

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