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Siberian Husky Dog Breed Information and Their Lifespan

(Last Updated On: 26/04/2017)

Siberian Husky Dog Breed

Siberian Husky is a spitz type dog. They are snow dogs and used to sled.  Their appearance is quite similar to Alaskan Malamute.

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Body size

These are not very heavy dogs. They have a strong muscular body with well-proportioned appearance. The weight of a male is around 25 KGs, while the female has average weight of 20 KGs. The height of male dog is 21-23 inches while the female is few inches shorter.


This has a thick double coat that keeps them safe from excessive cold during snow falls. The outer coat is not very long but it provides a good protection against winds and snow.


Husky are found in combinations of lighter colors. Shades of grays, copper and diluted reds along with white are most common. Body also contains variety of markings around neck, face and ears. The inner coat is sometimes darker due to presence of Agouti gene and it gives intense looks.


The eyes are almond shaped and they appear on the front of face, side by side. Colors could vary among blue, amber and brown. They could have odd-eye colors or split-eye colors.


This dog has big round nose with large nostrils. The color of the nose depends on overall body color. The gray dogs could have black nose and black dogs have tan nose. They also are common for snow nose that is pigmented with pink markings.


It has long, thick and furry tails that are curled up from the end.


The ears are small, triangular and erected above the head.

Temperament of Siberian Husky Dog Breed

Siberian Husky are work dogs, so the activity level is high for these dogs. They are strong and active. They also learn quickly. The relationship of this dog with its owner is also very precious. They need constant sense of belonging and they don’t like to be left alone. Loneliness leads to destructive behaviors and the dog could also start ruining the household items.

They are snow dogs and they love to dig. So they can dig the whole lawn if they get the chance. They should be kept with proper safety because they could easily run away. Running and escaping is their favorite hobby too. They need lots of training to walk on leash because running and pulling is their basic instinct and they follow it.

This dog does not sense danger or alarm owners for any movements. They are human friendly and start licking strangers too.

They can share house with other dogs happily but there should be proper care taken against keeping them with small pets, specially cats.

They are also stubborn and somehow difficult to train. But if they are treated well, they can happily agree to learn anything. The happy, friendly and active dog can bring so much fun to anyone’s life.



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