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Shingle Back (Tiliqua Rugosa) – Introduction

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

shingle intro 300x225 - Shingle Back (Tiliqua Rugosa) - Introduction


Shingle Back are also known as Tiliqua Rugosa or bobtail, these gorgeous lizards are known for their short tails. This specie is mostly found in Eastern Australia and comes in various colors and patterns. They are natively from Australia however they are being exported all over the world where they are breeding well only if they are

provided with proper enclosure, habitat and diet. These lizards have short and wide tails which store fat in it so that the lizard can use them to keep themselves warm in winters or when hibernating. These lizards are known for being lazy and calm, for this reason they are excellent household pets which can be easily handled. This lizard is very commonly found in grasslands, desserts and coastal area; they enjoy open area so that they can bask in the sun for a longer time.

Physical Description

Shingle Back's physical description is that they are known for their short tails and heavy armored body which comes in various patterns and colors. The average lengths of these lizards are from 9 inches to 13 inches and their body structure is broad. Shingle Backs have triangular heads, they have tongues in blue colored and so they fall under the category of Blue-tongued Skink, which is the most beautiful part of their body. The tail end has the same structure as the heads, which is they are triangular in the end. Unlike other Lizards, especially Skinks they do not shed their tail or their tails do not come off. These lizards may weigh 600 g to 900g; they have a life span of 10 to 15 years.

It is because of their physical characteristics that they become very favorite pet for those people who wants to keep reptile. Their long and heavy studded body, with a beautiful triangular head and short tail makes it very much wanted pet in terms of reptiles. If one asks a person who has fondness in keeping reptiles in captivity because of their love and passion for them, or from some person just ask them what do they want to keep first in terms of lizards as pets, they will usually reply with Shingle Back because of their physical beauty and then because of their behavior.


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