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Shingle Back Feeding – (Tiliqua Rugosa)

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2017)

shingle feeding 300x225 - Shingle Back Feeding - (Tiliqua Rugosa)

Shingle Back Feeding

The important part about Shingle Back feeding is that they are omnivore, that is they can eat insects, fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. At times it has been reported that different breeders and pet owners have fed these lizards with boiled eggs, chicken, cat food and dog food. This kind of food does no harm to these lizards in fact it is recommended for the expecting female because it needs all the nutrition and protein it can get to stay healthy and in shape even after laying eggs.

Insects which can be fed to Shingle Backs are crickets, silkworm, wax worm, locusts, snails, large ants, Earthworms and others. The owner should buy these insects from pet stores or fishing shops only, don’t catch them from your garden or wild because they might be carrying germs or might have been sprayed with pesticide or insecticide, this can poison your lizard.

Plants which can be included in Shingle Back food are roses, lilies, daffodils, corianders, parsley, sunflower and others. Seeds and lentils can also be fed to them.

Shingle Back can also eat one day old baby mice. In fruits they can be fed with melon, watermelons, bananas, passion fruit, mangoes, strawberries, grapes and other fruits, however citrus fruits must be avoided.

Like all lizards kept in captivity, Shingle Back feeding also need supplements in their daily diet especially vitamins and calcium. An owner can get these supplements from pet stores or vet clinics. These supplements must be in powder form, they should be dusted on live insects, fruits or vegetables. These supplements are important for the Shingle Backs in order to survive and breed.

Shingle Backs, both babies and adults must be fed thrice in a day. The quantity can be determined by first putting a few amounts of insects in the enclosure and the owner must note the amount consumed by the lizard. If there are few insects left and then lizard is not active anymore, it then means that it is full, if the insects are finished and the lizard is still active it means it needs more food. The owner should note the quantity and timings he is giving food to his pet lizard.

The owner must provide Shingle Back feeding with live insects, the plants, vegetables and fruits must be fed fresh only. The owner should take care of cleaning the food bowls daily on a regular basis. Water is essential for these Shingle Backs, they drink and sometimes also laid back in the water, owners should only put a shallow dish in the enclosure, a deep dish may cause trouble for them as they are not very good swimmers.


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