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The Adorable Japanese Shiba Inu Dog Breed Food and Health Care Details

(Last Updated On: 11/03/2017)

Shiba Inu Dogs Food and Health Care

Shiba Inu dogs are sensitive. This Japanese dog breed is considered a very good pet due to soft and beautiful nature. This dog exhibits best behavior and is totally non-violent. What should you feed your Shiba Inu is an important question, so please read further.

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Role of Diet to Maintain Physical Beauty of Shiba Inu

The biggest feature, which is indeed a big reason why people love Shiba Inu dogs so much, is their physical appearance. The coat of this dog is unique. The double coat appears to be very thick but it is very soft. The smart Shiba even knows how to groom its coat. In order to maintain a healthy coat, one has to feed this dog with right type of food. Otherwise the coat would turn dull and probably would shed a lot. It is important to give Shibas supplements like Vitamin E etc on regular basis.

Best Food for Shiba Inus

There is no particular food assigned to a dog for lifetime. It mostly depends on availability and then how pocket friendly a particular food type is. The commercial foods are of hundreds of types. One need to understand what is need of the dog. A puppy needs totally different type of food as compared to grown up dog.

The best approach is to give all type of foods: kibble, wet, raw and cooked etc. It maintains the interest of pet in eating and also provides all essential nutrients. While choosing the dog food, it is very important to check if it is grain-free or not. Grain-free foods are best for dogs and specially for Shiba.

Shibas should be given proper chances to eat something that provides them calcium and vitamin D. It helps with the chances of getting any “loose knees” or “joints” problems in later stages of life.

Best Dog Food Brand vs Cost

Bear in mind that the cost of a good and healthy food would be definitely higher as compared to any ordinary commercial food. The good companies provide a very wide variety to choose from and also focus on foods that are designed for dogs with special needs. For example, Purina’s EN Gastroenteric Canine Formula is made for dogs that are not capable of digesting any other foods easily.

Raw Food

It is best if the raw meat is given to Shibas occasionally. Meat could be of any type but only concern should be that it is fresh and bacteria free. Raw meat has high chances to lead to food related infections and if one has any reservations regarding raw meat then it could be partially cooked along with some good vegetables.

Dairy Products For Dogs

Shiba Inus would love to have cheese, yogurt and egg in their meal. One could also try giving milk but it depends if the milk suits the dog’s stomach.

Human Food For ShibaInu Dog

It is fine if your Shiba shares your food sometime. There is no harm in giving human food only if it is grain-free and contains no spices, salts and sugar. Dogs would enjoy bacon and a hot dog or sausages any day. One could give such foods as treats as well.




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