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Shiba Inu The Japanese Dog Breed Facts and Information

(Last Updated On: 26/04/2017)

Shiba Inu dog breed information

We all love small, active and pretty dogs. Shiba Inu dogs is one of the dog breeds that could give the pleasure of having an amazing pet. This dog is originated from Japan and it is considered to be a relative breed of other Japanese spitz dogs e.g. Akita and Hokkaido. These pretty dogs have a very strong history and it is their beauty along with luck that they still exist today with their original charm.

shiba inu - Shiba Inu The Japanese Dog Breed Facts and Information

Let us read about some major features of this dog breed

Body Features

Shiba is just like any other spitz dog. Pointed ears and muzzle, smart body and short inward curled tail are major features.

shiba inu1 200x300 - Shiba Inu The Japanese Dog Breed Facts and Information

Life Span

This dog breed is small and active and therefore could last up to 15 years if stay healthy. There could be some health challenges but if the dog stays in perfect condition then maximum achieved life could be 15 years on average.

Body Size

Just like other spitz dogs, this breed also has a very well-shaped muscular yet smart body. They are not chubby or fleshy. They look athletic and stay active. The males are 14-17 inches at the chest area and females are a few inches smaller.


This dog breed is small and not heavy. Average weight for males could be around 10 Kg. Females are few Kg lesser than males.


The major colors found in Shiba are red, black and cream color. The color of undercoat is sometimes different and lighter. There are solid white or cream colored Shiba as well but they are not preferred as show dogs.

Urajiro is a compulsory element to be present in Shiba Inu’s body. This is the presence of lighter shades in the sides of muzzle, throat and front neck, lower chest, abdomen, inside legs and paws. In red colored Shiba, the whole chest area starting from sides of muzzle should be cream or white.

shuba inuu 224x300 - Shiba Inu The Japanese Dog Breed Facts and Information


Shiba are double coated with an under coat that works to save them in cold and wet weathers. The undercoat is thick and very soft. Outer coat is around 1 inch long and it’s apparently hard. Shiba has longer hair on the tail which seems fluffier than the rest of body.


This dog is perfect for families with children and other pets. They have a good temperament but training is required otherwise some signs of aggression could be seen. One quality of Shiba Inu that makes them outstanding is their love for cleanliness. They self-groom themselves like cats to maintain their beautiful coat. Shibas could be really angry if they are not held properly and they tend to shriek or scream in order to save themselves. So it is better not to mess with this independent nature little dog. Shibas are bold and brave, so do not consider them shy puppies at all. Shibas have small bone structure and they could sometimes have bones related issues. It is always better to keep them under proper Vet’s checkup.

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