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Amazing Shetland Sheepdog Dog Breed Information

(Last Updated On: 26/04/2017)

Shetland Sheepdog Dog Breed

Shetland Sheepdog is an all-rounder dog that can turn out to be best pet dog ever. They resemble Collie a lot for their appearance but are smaller in size.

Body Size

Sheltie are usually smaller in size. They weigh 10-15 KGs on average. The height of the Sheltie differs a lot from country to country. The average height is considered to be 13-15 inches. Females are shorter than males.

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Shelties have a double coat. Inner coat is short and soft. The outer coat could be rough or soft depending on different factors. The coat is water-resistant and that is the reason behind Sheltie’s love for swimming. The hairs are usually longer over the chest area. Shelties need proper grooming.

Colors in Shetland Sheepdog

Shelties come in variety of colors and patterns. Few common colors are:

Sable and white

Black, white and tan

Black and white

Blue merle

Sable merle


The long erected ears of Sheltie are slightly pricked on top. The ears are closely distant and the head area between them is really small.


The tail is long and furry.

Shetland Sheepdog Temperament

Shelties are very energetic, smart, intelligent, obedient, loving and protective by nature. They have all the qualities to be perfect pets. They have very sharp observation and they like to forecast moods. They companionship with owners and love for family is immense. Shelties are work dogs so they need a list of activities to perform. They love to go for outdoor activities. Exercise is needed on daily basis and this is the way one can bond with Sheltie for a lifelong relationship.

Shelties are herding dogs so they try to herd almost everything. It sometimes can cause problems but it is manageable. The other good thing is that Shelties have acceptance for other pets. They love to play and stay calm yet energetic.

Shetland sheepdogs are very alert so they can be best watch dogs and they would also guard the house and family. Shelties don’t go along with strangers and they sense danger and start barking. One problem could be that Shelties love to talk, either its barking or any other sound made by them, they are always trying to communicate.

Shelties are perfect pets and all of their characteristics make them easy to keep at home.

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