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Saint Bernard Temperament and Breed Details

(Last Updated On: 27/04/2017)

Saint Bernard Dog Breed

Saint Barnard is most suitable pet dog for families with kids. They are pretty famous and the most famous Saint Bernard was featured in the Hollywood Movie “Beethoven”

Body Size

They are large and heavy dogs. The weight of average could exceed 100 KGs.

The height is around 30 to 35 inches.

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Body Color

This dog has two colored body. White along with diluted red (rust) or mahogany is distinction.


They could have short flat coat with soft hair or short flat coat with rough hair. The hairs are dense and they shed a lot. Coat around neck area and legs are thicker. Regular grooming is needed for these dogs to keep the house clean of their hair.


This dog has long furry tail. Tail docking is not advised. They could wag their tail at times and house stuff on tables could be the target of their dancing tail.


Their eyes are wide and brown in color.


They have colored ears that are droopy. The edges of the ears are round but the overall shape is triangular. Ears are not large but hang around the cheeks.

Temperament of Saint Bernard

Saint Barnard are huge dogs so the first thing that should be kept in mind is that how to deal with their size? This dog is just like kid, they love to sit and sleep with owners. They could not resist itself to sit in owners lap or around legs. They are true family dogs and they are protective and caring too. They could be good watch dogs and their size is something scary for those who are not well introduced with this breed.

They could be trained with less trouble while they are young. They could be tough once reach maturity. They like to play and run around. It is essential to teach them table manners because they cannot stop themselves from licking away everything, even faces of the owners.

They should be kept indoors to keep them away from fights with other dogs, although they are calm and like peace but it takes not time to start a fight with stranger dog.

Responsibility of keeping a dog as big as their size is really big too. It is advised to keep them if there are kids in the house but it should be assured first that they could be accepted with their sloppy kisses and eating habits.

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