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Reasons Why Cat Neutering and Spaying is Good

(Last Updated On: 05/04/2017)

Reasons Why Cat Neutering and Spaying is Good

Male cat neutering is a controversial topic. Neutered cats are usually considered to live longer and healthier.

Neutering is a Latin word that means of neither sex and refers to the removal of an animal’s reproductive organ. Cat neutering is the process is often used for the male cats whereas for the females, the word spaying is used.

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Reasons for Neutering and Spaying

There could be many reasons to go for cat’s neutering and spaying decision. Few important reasons are listed below:

Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancies and Overpopulation

This is the most important and common reason for altering. If an owner does not want to breed their cat, mature cats can still escape the house and breed on their own while the breeding of cats just for fun or experience is not advised. This will result in problems of finding good homes for the kittens or else the kittens will suffer. The kittens will have no one to provide food as well as the shelter and all responsibility of sustenance of life will be on the poor kittens that will be forced to survive on their own. Overpopulation also results in killing of unwanted cats to control their population.

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An important reason is better health and prevention of diseases since altered cats have zero chances of evolving different types of cancer. In Queens, the risk of breast cancer as well as urinary infections is radically abridged. It should be kept in mind that reproductive cancers are common among older cats, so it is good for keeping those away from breeding.

The spayed female cats and neutered males have been seen to have healthier and longer lives then the not altered ones as they are not tempted to fight with other cats due to sexual aggressive behavior.

Prevention of Urine Spraying

The sexually mature male and female cats can shower urine on upright surfaces in order to mark their territory. The mature males do this at least ten times more often than the females. Also, the urine of a sexually mature male cat carries a strong odor that is spiteful to many humans. This behavior needs to be stopped from the start as it might be unstoppable after maturity. It is best to nip the evil in the bud and go for cat neutering before they reach maturity.

Improved Behavior

Other then not spraying urine, male cats will also not show aggression towards other male cats and be humble to any other kittens that are brought in. Also, the hassle that is caused when an non-neutered Tom cat smells a nearby female in heat, such as roaming around the street and the house where the Queen in heat is present, will be avoided.

Avoidance of Myths

The owner should be mindful of the myths out there that might prevent the owner from getting their cat neutered or spayed. These myths can be that altering makes the cat fat which is not the case; there is no effect on cat’s health if altering is done at young age and if done at adulthood, although appetite might increase, but this is not the cause of fat altogether. Another myth that needs to be denied is that neutered cats become lazy; no changes in the cat’s personality occur.

Cost Savings in Long Run

Although the altering causes money, yet one should look at the fact that the amount of costs that will be saved that one has to bear otherwise either in form of genital and reproductive diseases or unwanted pregnancies.

Better Companions

Altered cats prove to be better friends with the owner as they are calmer, more affectionate, caring and reliable once the undeniable impulse to mate has been removed.

Prevention of Uterine Cancer

The most important scientific reason to neuter female cats is the prevention of uterine cancer which is reported to have reached to 80% in some populations of cats and is probably related to the genetic makeup of the breed. It is essential to take preventive measure of spaying as this cancer can rapidly spread into other body parts such as the lungs, the liver and also the skin and once it is outside the uterus, it cannot be treated. So, it is best to get the female cat spayed before the age of one year as the problem does not usually occur before one year.

Prevention of Mammary Gland (Breast) Disease

Although uncommon, yet the mammary gland cancer can be deadly and difficult to treat. It is usually associated with uterine cancer and is uncomfortable for the Queen. It is best to get the female cat spayed before two years of age to avoid this condition.

Prevention of Testicular Disease

Although testicular disease is not very common, yet there are chances of the male cat developing it. This can also be prevented by removal of the genital area of male cats to avoid any health problems. Thus cat neutering is solution to many upcoming health problems.


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