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Cat Breeding- How To Breed Cats

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How Do Cats Breed?

Resisting adorable, tiny kittens is impossible. Breeding is the process of mating cats resulting in kittens. Breeding cats is not an ad hoc activity and needs to be taken seriously. Some preparation needs to be done and selections need to be made before one opts for raising kittens.  Pet cats can easily be bred at home if one researches well and acquires enough knowledge on the topic.


Common cat breeds should only take place if breeders are highly serious and are able to arrange loving homes for the kittens. If these deliberations are not taken care of, owners may give an upsurge to several stray cats and the best pre-emptive measure for this is to go for neutering or spaying.

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Reasons for Cat Breeding

Before breeding, owners must be aware of what their true reason is for breeding so the Queen (Adult Female Cat in Reproductive Phase) and the Tom Cat (Adult Male Cat) can be selected according to the sought after qualities.

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Various reasons for breeding include:

Show Cats:

Show cats are created by breeding, raising and training cats in order to get out the best superlative qualities from a bloodline. This might take account of colour, shape, size, nature, obedience, and general form. They are used in cat shows or kept as pets by those who want extremely exquisite and rare pets.

Pet Cats:

Pet Raising is a treasured activity for some owners and they do breeding shear out of love. They breed to get more cats in order to raise as pets.

Cats for Sale:

Some breed in order to make money by selling the kittens and going on a road to riches. The superlative the breed, the more expensive the cat will be and breeding pedigrees is a business for many experienced and certified breeders.

Cat Breed Age

Female Cat’s Age of Breedineg: Mostly Queens start coming into heat or start having their estrus cycles as early as 7 to 9 months of age and are fertile an additional 7 to 9 years, after that most cats are not fit to bear kittens. The age can slightly vary from cat to cat; some breeds such as the Persian will reach maturity at the age of one while some as early as four months, but rarely. The Queens are “seasonally poly-estrus” which tells that they come into heat many times round the year.

It is best to skip the first few heat cycles and breed the Queen on the third or fourth heat or say after one and above years of age, after acquiring complete genetic check-up and assuring that the Queen is now an adult and ready for breeding. The female cat should also physically be able to bear the strain of carrying and delivering kittens.

Male Cat’s Age of Breeding: The Tom cat reaches maturity at 6 to 8 months of age and from then onwards he able to impregnate a female cat. Tom cats usually have a breeding life of almost 14 years. The complete genetic check-up of the male is necessary to ensure healthy breeding.

Cat Breeding Season:

Are you aware that cats are seasonal breeders? The cat breeding season normally starts in January and February when female cats aged about 4 months and upwards come into season.A female cat is in season for a few days. During this period you will see a distinct change in her behaviour.

How Many Litters Can A Cat Have??

Most female cats give birth in spring and next again in late Summer, however some cats have three litters a year. During the summer months cat rescue centres are overwhelmed with stray and unwanted pet kittens seeking new homes. During the winter there is often a brief respite with fewer ‘out of season’ litters being born. Throughout the winter months you may still find plenty of bigger, adolescent kittens 4 to 6 months looking for new homes in addition to adult cats of every age group!


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