Rabbit – Taking Care of the Fur from Rabbit Mites, Fleas and Others

When it comes to grooming of your Rabbit's fur it is very important to focus on the cleanliess ness of it. Many people wont consider or give much attention to the Rabbit, however, the require as much attention in grooming like a dog or cat would. The Rabbits should be brushed on the regular basis because even Rabbits shed a good number of hear, especially in the Rabbit shedding season. 

Rabbits may also get fleas and Rabbit mites on their skin which is important to treat or else they will infect all your rabbits and may also result in different wounds, infections which can also be fatal, especially to the youngs. 

Grooming Check List 

Rabbit mites


Disease/infection or the presence of Rabbit Mites

While brushing or combing the rabbit, the owner should also keep an eye out for any lumps or sores on the little folks which might be an indication of disease or infection. Crusts and scabs suggest the presence of Rabbit mites.

The Rabbit Mites are small lice like insects which feed on rabbit's blood and may make the skin sore. Some might even release other Rabbit's blood in the Rabbit causing and spreading infection to each other. There are several ointments, shampoos and sprays available for disinfection and removing these mites.

Rabbit mites



When one is brushing and combing rabbits, they should keep an eye out for fleas. Bunnies are just as vulnerable to fleas as dogs are, expressly if they live or play in open-air. If one finds any fleas on the little buddy, they should immediately contact the veterinarian for information on how to liberate the rabbit of these pests. The vet can provide the owner with rabbit safe chemicals designed to kill fleas and give them details on the ways to remove fleas from the rabbit's surroundings.

Discharge and the Feet

 While the owner is handling the rabbit, they should check its eyes and ears for any type of discharge. They should also look at the bottoms of the bunny’s feet for sores and check under its chin to make sure that their scent gland is not swollen or infected.

A lot of bunny care, coupled with bunny exercise, grooming and treats will keep the cottontails happy, clean and healthy.


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