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Keeping Rabbits as Pets – 5 Easy Training Methods

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Keeping Rabbits as Pets – 5 Easy Training Methods

1. Positioning the Bunny for Training

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Rabbits as pets are actually great. Rabbits will have to be staged in the capacity and situation according to the desired where and when of the behavior to occur. For instance, if one wants to teach their bunny to jump up onto their lap when called, the first step will be to place it close to the couch. If it is desired that the bunny goes in its crate at night, one will have to train it around that appropriate time along with making certain that its crate is placed where it is kept normally.

  • Being Patient

           Rabbits as pets are great and very calm in nature. Owner will have to be patient or hastiness might result in no learning at all.

  • Short Sessions

          The training sessions should be kept short as bunnies have a short attention span, but training should be done frequently.

  • Number of Trainers

           There should be one or two people and no more than that as they bunny may get confused.

  • No Violence

          Whatever training is given, the owner should make sure that any type of violence against the bunny is neither showed nor used, no matter what the reason. They are very delicate.

  • Rabbit Behavior

           The bunny might get brash about treats. If this happens, training should be stopped immediately and one should only work on calmly taking treats. The treat should be given to the rabbit whenever it is calm, but should be ignored when it is being pushy or starts nipping the owner.

2. The Element of Respect and Love

Despite the fact that one must have the cottontail’s deference in order to train him, the process will be most fruitful if the bunny also senses love and is comfortable. All rabbits do not enjoy being fondled, but a number of these enjoy it so much that stroking can be an even superior motivation than food, keeping in mind that others can find it frightening.

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  • Using Clickers

           A number of experts suggest using clickers to reinforce association. Each time the rabbit is fed by the owner, the owner should click the clicker so that the bunny associates the click with the food. Formerly, when the training is being done, a click from the clicker will tell the bunny that a treat is near-term. The cottontail will pick up that a click means a delight and will attempt to earn clicks, this will get him off treats soon.

  • Undue Expectations

           One should not anticipate that the rabbit will do what the owner wants each time. Although the cottontail is impeccably trained, it may not want to complete the wish from time to time. Here, one should not get angry, and also not worry that the training has not toiled.

  • No Hunger dealings

           One should under no circumstances withhold foodstuff from a bunny in order to starve him for training.

  • No Overfeeding

           the owner should refrain from over feeding the bunny all through training sessions, and should elude using delights that are not in the pink for the cottontail. Especially, one should use care with factory-made bunny treats. A lot of these are unhealthy, particularly in huge amounts.

3. Training a Rabbit to Not to Scratch

Rabbits as pets needs a lot of training. Cottontails can be pleasant and full of fun, but the moment one tries to put the little folks back in to their cage, they, at times, turn nasty. Bunnies are naturally digging animals, so regardless of their normally good nature; they may scratch or “dig” on the owner once in a while. This behavior can be abandoned however, via proper training and patience.

  • Trimming the Nails

           Bunnies habitually scratch to wear down their nails. Just the mere act of keeping the bunnies nails short in the first place, can lessen the amount of scraping incidents.

  • Ignoring the rabbit when it misbehaves

           As communal creatures, being passed over might act as a type of punishment. When the bunny nicks the owner, one should make a sharp yapping sound to hint the disapproval, and turn thy self away from the bunny and refuse to stroke it.

  • Understanding the bunny

           If the rabbit is constantly overlooked and abused, it might scratch the owner to get their consideration or to display its displeasure. A more socialized animal is all the time a more friendly one.

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4. Training a Rabbit to Follow an Object

It will not be news to pet owners that cats follow feathers and lasers, but, interestingly, the rabbits can trail objects as well. With the help of ample serenity and practice, one can have a cottontail’s yanking nose to curiously follow after a target. If this trick is mastered then this trick can be used to move the bunny around, get it into a basket, go over or about the hurdles and stumbling blocks, and also spin in a circle.

  • Selection of Target
    Any sort of object can be selected, the easiest being a paper ball or ping-pong ball attached to the end of a stick.
  • The Process
    The owner needs to hold the item close to the rabbit. There will not be a need to give a command, as here; the desire of the owner of the rabbit is to associate the item with a treat.
  • The rabbit should be given the promised treat along with the verbal praise if it gazes at the object or if it approaches the entity.
  • The next treat and verbal praise should be given at the time when the rabbit touches the object.
  • Once the object is moved, upon the approach or again touching of the object by the bunny, treats should be given again.
  • Repetitions
    This practice should be repeated a number of times in a row, more than a few times a day. Without repetition a rabbit will never get the hang of it.

5. Training the Rabbit to Respond to Owner’s Call

An owner might want to train their rabbits as pets to come to them when called.

  • The Process

Firstly, one has to sit down in the room or the pen along with the bunny, and then let the rabbit have a good look at the treat. The next step is to lure the rabbit towards the lap. Basically first the rabbit is bribed to come using the treat, soon when his name is called he will understand that his presence is required.

  • The Cue and The Directions

          Along with the beforehand decision of the CUE, one should clearly say “Come (Name of the rabbit)” or “Up, (Name of the rabbit)”. After the accomplishment of the task, the owner should reward the bunny and give it treats and a lot of attention in order to make the walk towards the owner a very exciting entity.

  • Patience

           Bunnies should not be expected to immediately apprehend the trick, but with patience and practice, the little friend will learn swiftly.

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