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How to Easily Groom a Pet Rabbit at home

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Rabbit Grooming

Grooming pet animals is an obligation that is well thought out by many owners, the task may seem hectic and detailed knowledge may be required. Rabbit owners are lucky in the sense that their pets possess the capability to keep themselves clean compared to other pets. Grooming is still necessary for maintaining their health and body and these delicate creatures require proper care and handling. Whenever a Rabbit Grooming session is complete rabbits should be provided treats to make it a pleasant experience for them.

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Bathing and Drying

As a general rule, bunnies do not have a need to be bathed. For a lot of bunnies, bathing has come out as a demanding practice and as occasionally a source of stress; it also has a prospective for bringing out illness in the cottontails such as catching a cold. But if a bunny somehow managers to get himself extremely dirty then bathing is a must.

If only a small area of the body that needs to be cleaned, the owner should bathe that area only using a wet towel and drops of shampoo.


Factory-made non-medicated shampoos intended for dogs and cats are fine for rabbits. If one is unable to find such a shampoo, they can also use a general hypoallergenic non soap shampoo with moisturizers or conditioners. It is advised rather forbidden to use a shampoo made for humans; these shampoos are very drying for animals.

Face Cleaning

If there is an absolute need to wash the rabbit’s face, then it should be made sure to keep shampoo out of the bunny’s eyes. Owners can protect them by application of a non-medicated eye ointment over the cornea in advance to the bath. A droplet of mineral oil can be used as a standby for the eye ointment, but it is recommended to use it sparingly only.

Hair Drying

The owner should make sure that the rabbit does not become chilled from its bath. Rabbits can be dried out with a hair dryer set at a warm setting, high settings need to be avoided due to the risk of heat stress. Some bunnies enjoy drying while others hate it.

Towel Drying

The finest way to dry rabbits after a bath is to start with a big towel, rubbing gently, get the bunny as dry as one feasibly can, using just the towel.

Blow Drying

Once towel dried, blow drying on its lowermost heat setting but not on the cold can be followed, with the use of hands in between the hair dryer and the bunny to make sure that its delicate skin does not get burnt.

Nail Care

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Pruning the rabbit’s toenails is also an essential part of the Rabbit Grooming sessions, although the happy part is that it will not need to be done every week. In order to decide on whether to trim the bunny’s nails or not, one should first check the length and condition of the rabbit’s nails every time, if they are long and dirty, its time for a trim!

The Process

For nail trimming of rabbits, there is an established rule of thumb. This involves holding the rabbit on its back and gently holding the rabbit’s foot in one hand. Then the owner should use the same hand to place their thumb in the middle of the paw. Then one should press lightly on the palm of the foot of the rabbit and use the other hand and then trim the rabbit’s nails across top of the nail.

Owners should prepare to trim nails by wrapping the nails in a towel and placing them gently in the lap, with the bunny’s legs facing upward. A clipper should be used to cut off a portion of the nail. Here, the owner should be careful not to cut the quick in the toenail that is the end of the live pink tissue in the nail bed and includes blood and nerves, as doing so will cause pain to the cottontail and a bloody toenail might result. An outline of the quick can be seen by holding the rabbit’s nail up to a light.

Ear Care

Examination of pet rabbit’s ears should be carried out regularly to look for signs of wax buildup or debris. Lop-eared breeds require extra care as moisture can build up making them more susceptible to the ear infections. The owner will have to examine the loop’s ears closely for excess wax buildup, debris or foul smell.

The Cleaning Material

Ears should be cleaned with a solution that is available at the pet stores or with the vet. Dark wax or the presence of dirt in the ears might be a sign of ear mites. Cotton swabs or any such items should not be stuck into the rabbit’s ear canal.

Hair Cutting

For some bunnies, it is beyond doubt to trim their hair short to maintain their coat and hygiene. This is also important part of rabbit grooming. If the fur is very long such as for Angora rabbits, it will be problematic for the bunnies to clean themselves resulting in knots, tangles as well as accumulation of dirt in the coat.

In order to trim the Angora rabbit fur, one should start by making sure the rabbit is cool, comfortable and at ease. Before cutting the rabbits fur must be brushed thoroughly to do away with all rubble and loose hair.

Next the rabbit should be placed in the lap or on a solid surface so that it does not move suddenly when the owner starts cutting. When hand should be used to snip while the other should be used to measure a finger-length distance between the rabbit fur and where one will cut. By placing the hand between the scissors on the rabbit, one will minimize the possibility of hurting the rabbit if it is startled. One should also make sure that they do not trim too close to the rabbit’s skin, as it still needs a short layer of fur for protection.

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