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Rabbit Teeth Care Explained in Simple Steps

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Teeth Care

Teeth care is important since overgrown teeth keep the bunny from ingesting properly or eating anything at all which might result in anemia or starvation leading to death. Naturally, Bunny teeth grow unremittingly, throughout their lives. This gives way to the fact that the little companions must have safe woods accessible for them to chew on in order to aid in filing the teeth down.

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For rabbits, their teeth are the most important part to help them live their life because they help in cutting and eating grass and other leafy plantations. The Rabbit teeth are open rooted and they keep on growing throughout their lives which may also give certain problems. In the wild, the rabbits may have problems with their teeth, however since they are kept in home, the owners are supposed to look after them. The alignment of teeth in the upper and lower jaws should be proper and if they are misaligned even by a millimeter then the problem will persist in the rabbits and it will grow when they mature.

In this problem the molar teeth will get affected causing pain and grinding of food and in some cases the molar teeth may break which can’t come in notice of the owners. The owners can notice the problem when the rabbits won’t be able to tear the leafy vegetables well, they will have saliva drooling, they will keep their mouths open most of the time and may even have a dewlap or a wet chin. One can fix the teeth by using certain equipments which can help in correcting the angle of the misaligned teeth rather than breaking them off or grinding them. The instruments used should be the ones used by the expert vet and should be used with delicacy because the rabbit teeth are very fragile and may break into pieces like a shattering broken glass.

If the owner is not able to solve the Rabbit teeth problem then certain infection and abscesses may occur in the problem which can prove to be fatal or very expensive due to continuous antibiotics medication. For the small bunnies, the owner should have chew toys so that their teeth may keep in an alignment and they won’t have any teeth problems in the future.

Supply of food
The superlative way one can make use of in order to help the cottontail retain admirable teeth is to make sure that it gets ample food to chew on; this will help him wear his teeth naturally. For this purpose Hay can prove useful but the toting of chewing brushwood has proven to be excellent.

Bunnies with malocclusions i.e. overgrown incisors need consistent teeth trimming round the year. This practice can be done by the vet or the owner can do it themselves if they are trained. For this task, nail trimmers can be put in use after which a file can be used smooth the spikey result.

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