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Grooming Tips For Rabbit Shedding and Brushing

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Grooming Tips For Rabbit Shedding and Brushing

Brushing needs of a rabbit tend to depend upon the type of hair a rabbit has. In order to reduce hefty rabbit shedding, the owner will have to brush the bunny every day.

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The shedding process occurs after every 3 months and this is a very hectic and lengthy process. Rabbits have dense fur and when they are shedding then it is a lot of fur. The owner should comb or brush their rabbits on a daily basis, especially during the molting season. This is very important during the shedding season or otherwise the rabbit with lick itself causing a lot of ingestion of fur which will make fur balls in the gut system causing different problems including vomits, constipation poor appetite and other problems.

During the shedding season, the experts have advised all owners to groom their rabbits on a daily basis. Rabbits are usually not a fan of brushing and they may claw, bite or run away from you. If the brushing irritates your rabbit, then you can try using a wet or damp cloth rubbing over them down which will plug out all the loose fur from their body. The rabbits may shed from one side or part of the body which might look funny however there is nothing to worry about in this case. During the Rabbit shedding season, they should have a good quantity of hay in their enclosures so that it helps in digestion with fur if swallowed.

Brushing Direction

Brushing should be done in the natural direction of the hair coat; if one reverses the stroke and brushes upwards; from the tail towards the head too often then hair can damage.

Shedding: Naturally, Bunnies shed every three months. The first shed will be dainty and unnoticeable whereas the next shed will be thick and inevitable. In course of heavy shed bald areas may even develop. Owners may softly pull out loose hair with their fingers and follow up with a brushing routine during this period.

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Dampening stroke technique

Another useful technique to help remove dead hair is the dampening of the hands by the owner with water and then stroking the rabbit from head to tail.

Brushing Short Haired Rabbits

Short haired rabbits need to be brushed at least once a week. When they are shedding, more recurrent brushing is suggested. Rabbits skin is fairly delicate and brushing should be carried out gently using a brush designed for bunnies. Bristle brushes are superior choice whereas a metal toothed slicker might hurt the bunny’s skin. A fine toothed comb can also be used.

Brushing Long Haired Rabbits

Brushing long haired rabbits is easy if coat is regularly clipped and kept to a length of about one inch, else the coat will be prone to mattes leading to hairballs. Brushing should be a daily routing for these rabbits and begun at a young age to get them used to it. Combing should be followed to prevent mattes using a silicone-coated comb which will glide easily.

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