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9 Easy Steps of Cleaning a Rabbit Cage

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

9 Easy Steps of Cleaning a Rabbit Cage

Rabbit cage cleaning could be a difficult task. The house should be built in such a way that it is self cleaning and takes minimal effort to clean it. Disease prevention is very important as the drugs that are used to fight the diseases are very expensive and until the disease is being diagnosed these drugs are of no use so cleanliness is very important for prevent the diseases and infections.

Even though some cages or hutches are designed in a way that they are self-cleaning but still they need to be cleaned occasionally. Usually the manure pellets are too big to fall through the wire but the pellets can get into the hair of the rabbit while cleaning itself or sometimes if the rabbit gets sick and gets diarrhea, it will cause the manure to stick to the wires of the Rabbit Cage.


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During the time period of rabbit’s pregnancy they start molting to make nest for their babies. Due to which the whole Rabbit Cage from top to bottom gets full of rabbit hair which needs to be cleaned as soon as possible as this layer of hair may cause infections, can clot in their own throats and make the ventilation bad as the air circulation is blocked.

Steps for Rabbit Cage Cleaning

In all the above mentioned cases, following procedure is the handiest way for rabbit cage cleaning:

  1. First of all take the rabbit out of the cage so that there are no hurdles in the way.
  2. Then take a brush and wipe manure from cage wires.
  3. Best way to clean the Hair is using brush or vacuum; cleaning the cage walls and interior; the house should be planned to allow that.
  4. Brush or vacuum cannot reach the bottom of the cage easily so for that torch can be lit to burn all the hair that too after removing other inflammatory supplier out of the cage.
  5. Once all the hair and manure that has been stuck in the wires of the cage are cleaned take a bucket of water add soap or surf in it and soak a sponge in it then rub it with the sides of the cage, the base and the roof of the cage then take I water bucket or pipe rinse the cage and keep it in sunlight so that it gets dried.
  6. Vinegar is also a good choice to clean the inside of the cage.
  7. In the mean all accessories of the cage need to be washed including meal bowls, water bottle and any other plastic toys, with soap water.
  8. After few hours place new fresh bedding inside the cage and replace the cleaned accessories.
  9. Lastly allow the rabbit to re-enter the cage.

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