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5 Things Which Every Rabbit Hutch Should Have

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

5 Most Important Rabbit Bedding Materials

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There are a number of rabbit bedding materials available in the market which are described as follows:

Recommended Materials

1. Wood Shavings

The most common material used for bedding is wood shavings; they should not be very fine as it may enter the eyes and irritate rabbits.

Wood shavings if scented cause irritation in nasal passages. Aspen is highly recommended in wood type as it is non toxic.

2. Softwood

Pine shavings if to be used, should be first cooked into the aromatic oils to get rid of their strong sting which might also eliminate dust.

These pine shavings can then be used for nesting providing a soft bedding material. The innate antibacterial properties of pine facilitates to limit bacterial growth and ammonia development, further it also looks for pests and kills them such as flies and fleas.

3. Megazorb and Finacard

Megazorb is a pure desiccated wood fiber squash. The dust powder from the substance has been extorted twice. It has great tendency to absorb and to control bad odor. It is eco-friendly as well.

Finacard is delicately frayed cardboard with its dust powder removed. It is a good choice for burrowing and is a great absorbent.

4. Cell Sorb Plus

It is made up of recycled papers and gypsum that is used to control bad odor especially that of the ammonia for almost three weeks. Also it is a very good absorbent and prevents the bedding to get moist 400% more than that of the wood shavings. It is most effective if stirred at least three times a week; it can also be flushed or used as fertilizer later when the bedding is to be changed.

5. Recycled Paper Fiber

Small pallets of recycled paper fiber that are clean of dust and toxic chemicals, can be used as bedding material as these are great absorbents and keep the litter from sticking to edges of the cage. These are easily replaceable and stay unsullied for a longer phase of time.  It helps eliminate bad odor and give protection against infections and diseases.

Materials Not Recommended


1. Cat Litter

Some people like to use cat litter as their rabbit bedding as it is easily available in the market and is also cheap. But there is some problem with the clumping of that material as mostly rabbits like to spend time resting in their litter tray where they nibble on hay or greens, doing so the dust from the clumped litter might be inhaled by the rabbits and get stuck in their respiratory track.

2. Cedar and Pine Shavings

These contain high quantity of phenols that are toxic insecticide chemicals which can cause severe respiratory problems, cancers and liver failure.

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