4 Rabbit Accessories Every Pet Owner Should Have

4 Rabbit Accessories Every Pet Owner Should Have

Rabbits kept as pets must be provided with few things that makes it easier for them to be raised in a household. Here we are discussing few rabbit accessories:


1. Harness

Rabbits like to wear harness especially in winters as they like to roam around everywhere indoors and outdoors and the temperature change does not affect them. Owners can easily get hold of them and safely walk them around in a harness which will allow control of their body movements.

Rabbit Accessories

2. Food Dish

A food dish or bowl should be big enough to hold a day’s food for a rabbit and the food may contain raw vegetables especially chunks of carrots as rabbits love them.

3. Water Bottle

The must have Rabbit accessories for Rabbits housing is water bottle. A proper water bottle is to be fixed in the cage to provide water to the rabbit all day long and the water should be changed every day. It should be lower enough in the cage that the rabbits can easily hold and drink from it but not too low that the bedding gets moist or even extra wet due to water leakage.

Metal bottle holders are preferred as they cannot be chewed by the rabbit and also to avoid any kind of leakage.

4. Sleeping Box

Rabbits like to get direct sun light but when they get enough for a day they like to rest in shade or shelter and mostly cages does not have any shelter in them to provide shade to the rabbits. For this purpose sleeping boxes are kept inside the cage so that the rabbit can rest during any time of day or night. Plastic igloos or small wooden boxes can be used as nesting boxes and also as chew toys since rabbits mostly chew on wood and plastic. Cardboard or old shoe boxes can also be used to make a shelter house for dwarf and mini rabbits; these will be inexpensive and can be replaced time to time for maintaining cage and rabbit’s hygiene.


Rabbit Accessories

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