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Pyometra one 300x196 1 - Pyometra

Pyometra is one of the most common diseases in female dogs and is very much common in female German Shepherds. Owners of female German Shepherds usually have complained of this disease. The Pyometra is a uterine infection which is basically caused due to inheritance and in some dogs it’s a sign of being unspayed or age. Pyometra is also found in humans and the only treatment and cure for this infection is to remove the uterus from the body, this means the female will not be able to conceive.

Pyometra 6 300x224 - Pyometra
Pyometra, spaying surgery
Pyometra 5 300x225 - Pyometra
A pus filled uterus (Pyometra)

In Pyometra, emergency surgery (Spay) is required otherwise it can prove to be fatal and the bitch can die within 48 hours if left untreated. An amateur may not guess he signs of Pyometra. It is recommended that before adopting or purchasing a dog, the complete family must make a research over its breeding, feeding and other necessary stuff; Purrs N Grss can be our one stop to guide about complete pet care. If you notice blood or brownish red liquid on your female dog’s nose, mouth, legs and vulva, then don’t confuse it with heat stroke or nose bleeding (like most of the people would), infect it’s the pus being discharged from your dog’s vulva. Your dog might be licking the area which may have caused marks on her nose and face. Other symptoms of Pyometra are loss of appetite, vomiting, weight loss, will drink a lot of water, urination, laziness, tension and depression in your dog. Medically, this can be proven by blood tests which might show increased white blood cells, dehydration, X-RAY and Ultrasound may show enlarged uterus and fluid collected in it.

pyometra 4 300x239 - Pyometra
Pyometra confirmed through X-RAY
Pyometra 2 300x208 - Pyometra
Vaginal discharge of pus during Pyometra

Pyometra can be caused by structural and hormonal changes. This may not be a sign of your dog getting old; in fact a female dog can have this infection in almost any age. A female dog owner must keep a complete and close track on their dog’s heat cycle, if after heat the dog is discharging liquid from her vulva, then this calls for vet attention. Open cervix can make Pyometra go worse as the E. Coli bacteria may travel from vagina to uterus and may start growing there which may increase more pus in the uterus. If not treated, the uterus may burst causing poisoning in the dog’s body and unbearable pain which may cause death.

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