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Process of Breeding Hamsters

(Last Updated On: 25/10/2017)

Process of Breeding Hamsters

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Creating Familiarity

Once the owner has it established that the female hamster has come into season and is ready for breeding, the owner will need to place the two cages of the male and female hamster together in a side by side manner for a few days, in order to allow them to get familiar with each other and not feel threatened when they are introduced in the same cage.

The Choices of Place

The owner now faces two choices; the first one being putting the female hamster in the male's cage or the second one that will be to take both male and female hamsters out and putting both of them in a distinct breeding box that will be in fact a neutral territory for both the hamsters.

The Protection

The owner should avoid putting male hamster in the female hamster’s cage as she is more probable to attack the male hamster if he is put in her cage, the owner needs to take some precautions, for example, wearing protective gloves and having an object arranged to separate the hamsters if any fighting follows on. The hamsters are usually not very selective about who is it that they are going to nip and might nip the owner if they make any effort to separate them in case the hamsters choose not to breed.

The Breeding Protocol

If the owner is lucky enough to catch the “window of opportunity” as mentioned earlier, then the female will 'freeze', will have her tail in the air  and will also permit the male hamster to mate for a few times.

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The Problem

Also, a problem can be that the virgin males might be a bit confused in the start might turn the female hamster off by mounting her from all directions yet the owner female hamsters not need to worry as the male hamsters will soon learn 'on the job'.

The Experienced Ones

One needs to know that Breeding Hamsters will usually be more fruitful when the hamsters chosen for breeding, both male and female, have had prior mating happenstances. All the steps need to be repeated till the hamsters successfully mate.

The Timing

In the beginning of Breeding Hamsters, the owner should place the hamsters together for almost five minutes, for the initial days, which can then be extended to ten minutes in the ensuing days. It is generally ideal to put the hamsters together for anywhere in the middle of fifteen minutes to about an hour. One should keep an eye on them throughout the process and when it seems that they are losing interest in the mating ritual, the owner should go for separating them.

The Isolation

After the mating is over, the owner should isolate the female hamster; if not then definitely when the pups’ arrival is made certain. It has been observed that whereas some father hamsters do care for the babies such as the Russian or maybe the Winter White hamster, others, usually Syrian fathers are very likely to kill their young ones or end up in a fierce fight with the mother where one or the other ends up dying.

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Coming into Season: The first sign of pregnancy can be taken from the female not coming into heat because she is pregnant. If the female hamster doesn’t seem to come into season after the regular four days period, then she can be termed as being pregnant.

The Gestation Period: The Gestation period for hamsters can be from fifteen to eighteen days. Mostly, it is sixteen days.

The Swollen Abdomen and The Nipples: Since the pups only stay inside the female hamster for an average sixteen days, after ten days of mating, she will start looking decidedly pregnant with an abdomen that will swell and also the nipples of the female hamster will become more pronounced.

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Labor and Birth

The female hamster will become particularly restless and will start wandering around the cage, gathering the food and collecting the nesting material for her nest.

The hamster will then go in labor and her uterus will start to lurch. Tiny pink bodies will be seen to emerge and hamster pups will be born one after another while the mother is on the move in her cage.

The mother hamster will pick the babies up in her mouth and will bring them back to the nest; this is a natural gesture and should cause no alarm at all.


It is best to leave the mother alone while she is giving birth to the baby Hamsters. She will feel most comfortable when not disturbed during the process. All animals possess a natural ability to deal with the birth, on her own.

Cage Preparations: The owner should clean out the cage on day fourteen of pregnancy and should also take out the exercise wheel and arrange some extra nesting material/bedding.

The Environment: When delivery time is near, the cage should be placed in a warm, soft and quiet spot with as minute commotion as possible.

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After Birth

Owner’s particular care and attention is essential during this time and the days that follow as not to disturb the mother. Also, if the mother hamster leaves any babies lying around the cage, the owner must not touch the babies to avoid any complications and the sparkle of cannibalism. Even if it seems really necessary, one should take a spoon, rub it well into the sawdust and then scoop the baby up in it and return it to the nest.

It is not really a reason to panic if the mother eats up a pups; it is normal for the mother hamster to weed out the weakest ones that will not be able to survive in the wild.

Hamster pups can be separated from their mother after almost three and a half weeks of age. The owner should determine their genders and separate them; this is important since in order to avoid any genetic complications, sibling breeding is discouraged.  The newly born hamsters will become sexually mature after five to six weeks.


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